Project 2: Reflection

[All  mentioned precedents are also explained in the precedent review post]

[post class presentation-discussion]

  • connection with social media.
  • Not, how did social media lead to this. But, stating (perhaps poetically) how this is a commentary on screens and social media.
  • Introductory poster, added ‘trailer’, ‘commercial’ at the beginning of PSA. ‘Before we were limited by…apps, various social media. Now it’s all one synchronised app, in one place. You live it.’ etc. etc. Visual of the room? No visual? Historical documentary-like showing of iphones and apps?

Plans for moving forward:

Potential Project 3/4:

Packaging for pod-people:

Three bottles of Soylent Cafe. Coffiest, Vanilla and Chai.

The Matrix and Soylent Green are fictional stories about dystopic worlds. ‘Soylent’ is a company that already exists, pitching itself as a convenient and completely nutritional balanced meal replacement. I’ve chosen to focus on the aspect of food for Project 3. The Matrix creates an illusion of food, where the scent and taste of the food is fed into peoples’ minds by the system, this is also evident in Bladerunner 2049.

I want to explore the facade-like nature of social media. Ultimately, everyone in this world is living a simulated, fake, or orchestrated reality, similar to the way social media functions. By doing this I also want to emphasise the emphais put on appearance, for example, composing your food for the world to look at. This topic was also touched on by the Black Mirror episode Nosedive [need source].

Diet tube

^research for different ways in which the function of food (nutrition? joy?) could be stripped down to the most crude form in this world.


Touch interface for pod-people:

^ Considering that nobody in the pod physically interacts with anyone, I want to explore the concept of touch. It’s relevant since even in the present social media and technologies attempt to enhance or replace things that don’t need replacement, for example, how to have a relationship.


^This is an experiment I did of a potential visual direction, of ‘touch’ through a screen.
This outcome is likely to become a more poetic and abstract outcome, compared to the other projects.

Potential revamp of  Project 1:

You Can Have the Whole 3D Printed World in Your Hand, or on Your Desk | | The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing 

A scaled down, 3D model of the room/pod, with a projector that projects the daily path of an individual, moving in their space. It helps provide context to the screen in Project 2. The emphasis is on the routine and limited nature of their life. However, it would be accompanied with the variety of things the person does and experiences through the screen. Viewers are the judge of whether this is the l



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