Word, Sentence, Paragraph (#4)

Real Simulations/  Artificial reality/ Rendered reality

Creating hypothetical scenarios set in the near future to comment on issues about social media, human interaction and existence, sparking insightful conversations.

The average consumer doesn’t think much about the products and technologies that are researched and developed for them. They only start becoming aware once they have become a common part of life. Yet so many of these products have shaped the way humans live and interact with each other and their environment, case in point, social media. It makes contacting people easier but has impacted our ability to communicate with those around us. I want to comment on relevant situations of today by progressing them as hypothetical situations set in the near future. What will happen if direct contact with another human being is rendered completely unnecessary—perhaps a waste of time? Can social media facades take over our reality? These scenarios become necessary to discuss at a time when there is backlash against the technologies that were meant to revolutionize our lives. Testing these hypothetical scenarios through visual narratives should spark valuable conversations about the decisions we make in our present.


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