Magazine Insert: Steps to Remember

Steps to Check through and keep in mind when working:

Document Setup

  • BLEED – MAXIMUM bleed can be is 5mm or .5cm or .25 inches [always ask print vendor what bleed setting they need]
  • color mode – design in rgb, convert to CMYK (for print)
  • raster effect – 300 ppi

In Illustrator artboards (individual files in one file, NOT pagination) are different from InDesign‘s pages

Working with Colors

  • Check in Label bar on top (color space)
    [in illustrator] once you FINISH working – go to COLOR, options and CHANGE to cmyk
  • CMYK – CHANGE the DECIMAL fractions – round to whole or .5
  • rounding decimals limits problems or potential problems by deleting unnecessary information


  • necessary when using color.
  • delete all colors.
  • [always start with empty swatch, only b/w]
  • leave swatch name as is. [cmyk form, e.g C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100]
  • can save swatch library as ASE or Illustrator
  • check if it’s cmyk by looking at the small icon to the right of the names in swatches (4 triangle divisions means cmyk) (3 lines means rgb)
  • TEST with File>Document color mode>CMYK

[good for 1 color and 2 color jobs]

Registration[lining] – K black
Black –
CMYK (100) –

  • black is either dark blue or brown
  • cool black and warm black
  • not the same as rich black
  • Black on different paper makes it different from grey on white paper.

CHECK CMYK set up in several places:

  • +File > color mode > CMYK
  • +Colors window> grayscale
  • +swatches > new swatch > k 100 > process color > grayscale > make swatch > click swatch > Swatch options > check
  • +color space – grayscale

In Indesign

  • when working: color mode rgb 8 bit
  • in INDESIGN work with CMYK 
  • color setting – CMYK (REGION BASED) [ask vendor]
  • use european pre-press 3
  • blend space – CMYK
  • swatchesCMYK
  • remember to DELETE swatch

in INDESIGN work with CMYK  

  • bleeds [tab W a couple of times]
    image needs to go to the RED EDGE

In Photoshop

  • Color settings: europe prepress 3
  • RGB-adobe rgb 1998
  • cmyk -coated fogra39


  • delete everything (hold down alt key and click through all)
  • turn OFF show recent colors
  • EMPTY palette
  • make swatch – 100% k
  • make white – white
  • export > save as B+W




  • “these do not work well. Only place it can be used is PHOTOSHOP, and needs to be flattened. Can use transparency to test something.”
  • “ink is transparent. can’t translate transparency/light with printers”

“It’s like speaking potato…with ape”

do not put rasterized images into illustrator.”
use photoshop [compresses photos]
or InDesign

  • don’t drag and drop files in
  • File > place [links between folder and software file] << Do this
  • [don’t embed rasterized images in illustrator]

In Indesign

[indesign doesn’t keep anything native in the file. everything is linked to

  • always check link palette
  • refresh links


  • Always LABEL layers


In Indesign

  • Put all file types on their own layer

Have a NAMING SYSTEM for Files

Working Files:
Rgb, layers, mess
Naming Convention:

Finished Files:
CMYK, flattened
Naming Convention:


Document setup

  • gutter 5mm
  • margins (15)


  • minimum and maximum of bleed is 5mm or .25 inch
  • bleed of 5 all the way around (use if design going to edge)


  • shows in files, doesn’t print, for communication with printer. Notes to self and vendor
  • typically at the bottom of 15mm

Sizes Info

  • size – 10 mb
  • actual ppi – 300 <<<<<< should always be 300
  • effective ppi – should fall between 290-310
  • Use white arrow to check
  • Check at the top – scale of shrinkage (only down to 95 or up to 105%) (290 or 310)
  • ideally it should be 300 effective ppi and 100% scale


Document setup

  • document type – international paper
  • when working: color mode rgb 8 bit
  • resolution – 300 (or 72) pixels/inch dpi
  • color profile – adobe rgb 1998
  • square pixels [image]
  • [interpolation] > doesn’t work.
  • Color settings: europe prepress 3
  • RGB-adobe rgb 1998
  • cmyk -coated fogra39

Working mode:
working in RGB

Production mode:
flatten, convert to cmyk

File Save As:

  • TIFF – uncompressed
  • image compression – NONE
  • save image pyramid ON
  • interweaved
  • Macintosh
  • save


  • CHECK GREEN AT BOTTOM NO ERRORS. check preflight
  • LOCK layers when you send to the print vendor

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