Magazine Insert: Choosing the subject and Type system

First Project of Print class. The brief is to design a magazine insert using the PROPER methods of handling files. Everything we did so far was incorrect, because the way we made our files before had the potential to create problems in a professional setting with print vendors.

So. The goal is to design an A5 black and white insert for a new TV channel, for a new mini-series. The topic is my choice, and the design needs to appeal to a young audience. And the files need to be on point.

Ideas for the topic:
Social media, horror/supernatural, technology/inventions, young inventors, downloading/piracy/hacking.

The future of downloads
Defining downloads
Download for free
Download______for free 

How to Become a Hacker
Hackers by Profession < my chosen title and topic.
Professional Hackers

The following are some of the links I visited while researching my topic. It helped me get a grasp on the topic itself, the style of language used, and the style of visual language used:

This article was the most interesting:

To start with, I found relevant and thought-provoking quotes that I could place on the design. What was hard was ensuring that they’re reliable:


You can’t protect what you don’t know exists

Andy Orin

Next came looking at precedents. I found a few examples of interactive inserts, but as we were advised against experimenting with the production process, I stepped back and focused on type based inserts and advertisement inserts.
bank-a-new-life-for-piggy-bank-small-68578 nordea-bank-finland-a-new-life-for-piggy-bank-flowers-small-67401
tumblr_m4368iPjVH1rwnvoio1_500 herb_packaging

Reversed type or knockout text

^Looked up ways to make type interesting in grayscale.

And then I began to set-up my type and grid system:

Type considered:
Abadi MT Condensed
Gill Sans
Lucida Sans
Caecillia Lt Std
Consolas vs Corbel
Kohinoor Devanagri
Source code Pro. (bold used)



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