4: Cafe Reflections

On a level of difficulty scale, this project ranked pretty high. Not because creating the objects and implementations was hard, but because the thinking that went behind the project and designs was hard. How do I make a clear visual system while creating an experience for the user and without placing the logo and making the designs redundant:

What I struggled with was the initial concept. It took me a while to come to the conclusion that I wanted to create an experience that wasn’t angering, frustrating, or impractical. But I wanted to create just enough of an imbalance for the customers that it made them uncomfortable.

I went from crazy ideas of ridged tables and see-saw chairs to more subtle ways of creating discomfort by changing small things on regular objects; tilted pockets, words that are cut off, boxes that look that they’ll tip over. Again, I considered tilted glasses and mugs, but those already exist, so instead of creating them I used them as inspiration. It was finding the balance between too complex and impractical, and not uncomfortable enough that was the challenge. Technical challenges were showing the implementations in a presentable way; image quality and improvement on photoshop was needed.

What I feel I really succeeded with were my menu and box. Visually, the apron and napkin may be slightly bothersome, but in terms of really creating the experience, those two were the most successful. No matter who I asked was bothered by the box. They saw it, were confused, and then acknowledged that it annoyed them. I didn’t test the menu in a similar way, but they layout looks professional and the fact that reading it requires extra steps of tilting the menu (or your head) seems like a not too annoying way of annoying someone.



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