8 Motion Type: Motion Type, Consequences, Reflection

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/161391009″>Consequences: Motion Type</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user36144689″>Asma Hasan</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Critique went great, with Oman chips and cake. Perfect.

And of course we watched each other’s videos too. After watching each others videos we briefly discussed each one. I felt like some worked better than others, especially when it came to the choice of music. In some stories (where I knew the story), the music seemed too happy for the content. In some, a good choice of music really added to the impact that the video had. As mine played I realised that I needed to adjust and increase the volume. What sounded loud in my earphones, or from my laptop speakers, was lost in the large atrium.

Most of my difficulties came with the initial set up of trying to understand how to film through paper and then trying to find an interesting way to embody a word, without making it redundant. This is probably one of the reasons why I abandoned the idea of shrinking words like ‘abandoned’ or ‘vulnerable’. The end result captures the concept and feeling, without having it as obvious as changing the scale of the word. Choosing words was a task too. I kept wanted to explain more about the story and was tempted to include a frame where I had ‘I left her’ appear around the time that abandoned appeared. Decided against it, because again, it would let on too much, and really felt cheesy. I like cheesiness sometimes, but not when nothing else is cheesy, for example: in a cheesy bollywood movie, the entire thing is cheesy, so it doesn’t seem as bad…

This came to the problem of how I was going to end the video. It kept feeling like it was ending in an incomplete way with just remorse. Adding something to the end, like an apology felt cheesy, especially if it happened for too long. I probably spent more time picking different rates and length of time at which the words ‘I’m sorry’ showed up than on the rest of the editing.

As always, I learnt a lot. Usually, there’s a lot of technical skills that I learn related to software. This time, I did learn a bit more about premier, but more than that I learnt way more about filming and working with light. The importance of syncing movements with audio, and how it’s done, was another learning point.

Conceptually I realised that less is more. Somehow I always end up forgetting that rule, whenever I start a new project. Too much information can make this kind of a video seem predictable and boring, especially if whatever is being shown is redundant. And then there’s the importance of just doing lot’s of different things and taking LOADS of films, because you never know what will end up fitting the final edit. And by doing things, unpredictable effects can just happen.

I will focus more on the loudness of my audio. I adjusted it pretty easily after the critique, just had to pull up the decibel bar. It’s something to remember, because even though I had kept it in my mind, the sound still ended up sounding too low in the hall. So something else to keep in mind is where the video will be played: small room vs big room. Aside from that, I really like working in this way, with the lighting and shadows, it’s highly likely that I’ll use it again.


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