5 Motion Type: Finalised music and the Storyboard (after losing it…)

Even though I had the freedom to film before I finalise my music, I decided that I preferred to film with the beats of the music in mind. I discovered this after I listened to my ‘potential’ soundtrack after filming experiments that I saw I could time my movements better while listening to it, especially to the nuances of the track.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.09.27 PM
^ Picked out the typefaces I planned to use. The condensed and thin, linear look of the last one was the one I wanted to go for, I had a conceptual and technical reasons for doing so:
it resembled a linear (up down) movement, and when light passes through thinner gaps, it creates more interesting/dramatic effects.

All the words are in this typeface (Abadi Condensed), but the word remorse is in the widened, Verdana, type, to make it slightly different from the rest. I don’t want the difference to be obvious, but it should give a slightly different feeling from the rest of the words, especially if I work with it differently.

Similarly, I printed out words like abandoned and vulnerable in a smaller type size, just in case I discovered I could do something interesting with it.


IMG_0414 IMG_0416
 Deciding whether I want to keep the counters or drop them. Keeping them creates the line, which can add to the linear, lift-like effect. Dropping them creates a missing, look, like something is lost, or empty/incomplete. I decided that the lost looked better, because the linear line related too literally to the shape of a lift, and seemed distracting.

 I created a sturdier system, with wooden sticks and the foam board propped up and wider. When it wasn’t wide enough the shadow fell out of the frame and bits of shape showed through. Lesson to double check the corners of the frame.

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.40.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 10.44.16 PM (1)

^ For the bilingual aspect I knew I was using Urdu, but I thought I would include dialogues. It would look odd if I had complete sentences when everything else was just disconnected words. The disconnected words creates more mystery. I was going to have lift buttons, but decided to add the context by using my sister’s name in urdu, and have that in the up, down movement.  The problem was that there is no Urdu keyboard and I couldn’t get my hands on any typeface. Had to use the brush tool.

I also finalised my storyboard by deciding exactly what I wanted happening to which words. For example, how abandoned would enter the frame and with what effect.

The problem happened when I was SO READY to have a filming marathon, but then I lost my storyboard. Thankfully I remembered exactly what I had planned, and remade it, but it wasted a good, precious 45 minutes 😦


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