3 Cafe: Identity Systems and Logo lecture

Visual System: logo is a small part of the identity system (these days it isn’t that important compared to the system).

Logo: applied to a lot of different materials/spaces/sizes, different colours?

Logo =


adaptable – scale

visually striking,

memorable – unexpected configurations/substitutions/illusions (ambiguity, negative space).

Can’t predict how it’ll be used, should have ability to be scaled and still be recognizable…curves and line quality. Printed in only 1 solid colour and still work.

^ dual colours….

^gradient??? < limited 

logos need to be simple, so limited visually, so can’t communicate complex ideas.

Power in simplicity

sensitive to audience = don’t assume people will understand

Visual system =

visual elements, relationships, rules, variety of material

the semantics should:

communicate a rich,  holistic view

identify constants and variables

Brand = 

is the set of ideas, values and attributes to the entity. Attaching meaning to an identity through various activities (advertise/writing/behaviour).


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