2 Cafe: Lecture on identity systems

How are you going to document and present??

Logo/brand/brand colours

Just a logo, is an old way of identity system.

Recognising a brand can have more than just a logo: a system of visuals created specifically for a brand. Series of rules dictating visuals.

Visual System:
colours/colour schemes
logotype – purely graphic or word mark.
image – everything is shot a certain way
graphic elements (unique)
materials and textures<<<<<<
All feels unified
General layout – the rules that dictate how the graphic elements are used.

Documentation and presentation?

logo – is just a graphic

Design choices should come from the concept of the cafe. Identity system needs to be recognisable, unique, well designed typically, but can also communicate > emotion, time, concept (vintage). Communication through association. give a hint of concept.

identify theme and concept > can translate into design approach
identify values of cafe > keywords that define brand
tone or feel of system.
picking colours and experimenting > limited scheme 3 ?
layout >> connected to function.

play with concept. branded events

create a system that gives you freedom. that doesn’t restrict you.


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