Little Broken Robots

Little Broken Robots is a really cute puzzle like game available as an app. It’s cute and is actually engaging, unlike some other games *cough* Neko *cough* Atsume *cough*.


I typically like this kind of typeface, that has rounded edges. This visual quality is what first caught my eye, since it reminded me of comic sans. Except I noticed that there was a difference between the two. It was playful but didn’t have the tacky look, for some reason. It was only until I directly started comparing the two that I noticed the differences.

^ from

The type in the game handles the weight of it’s unmodulated strokes better (more similiar to Helvetica). It also doesn’t have the random, curvy quality of the strokes in comic sans. Compare the ‘n’ of both the typefaces. The type in the game has straight vertical and horizontal. Even the arcs and shoulders of letters are mostly horizontal and curve very slightly.


I think these qualities of the typeface make it a good choice for the game. The rounded ends make it playful and ‘cute’. But the straightness of the strokes keep it looking minimal and professional. Apart from the looks, the straightness adds to the concept of the game. You have to repair robots by joining dots in straight lines (can’t be diagonal). The robots themselves are mostly box shaped. The theme of the game is based around hardwares and the equipments in a supposed robot making factory, the straightness adds to this factory setting.


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