1 Football: Introduction and ideas

Working with a client in this next project. It’s mostly image-based. The client is related to the work related to FIFA 2022. They need general imagery that can be used in many contexts (banner ads, websites, on walls as posters), but should relate to football in a dynamic way. They don’t want it to be very photographic, it needs to be something ‘new’ and not typical… It’s only a 2 week long project, so we need to work fast.

The challenge would be to find the balance between something dynamic and new, and not lose the idea of football. I thought the challenge would be photographing footballers, but they already provided us with that. They are interested in the way we ‘treat’ our images, through processes that make them expressive, and evoke the feeling of football.

I started  off by looking at different sports campaign posters or graphics for inspiration. Then, I began dragging in the stock photos they gave us and experimented with creating patterns, overlaying and using different filters or blending modes in Photoshop:

]8eJPB GreV4 a6S2Z uO0hQ

Apparently that wasn’t the way to go…
Filters and Photoshop and all of that was too typical. That was the kind of work the client wasn’t looking for, they’re looking for ‘out of the box’. I looked at books for inspiration:
w3xnW IMG_0258 Z4DEj IMG_0264

The way to achieve these kinds of effects without making typical work was to do things with my hand, work physically. Ideas I got were to use layers of papers/photographs, or cut paper strategically to create shadows. Those could later be manipulated. I could use paint to create marks like skid/step/mud marks that footballers would make. I could do generative drawing over the top of some of the stock images, to create ‘energy’-like looks.


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