Found this in the parking lot for Souq Waqif.

IMG_9771 copy
Had to get someone to translate fit for me later. It says:
upto 10,000 QR fine ‘for water leakage’

IMG_9773 copy
on the left it says ‘all bad habits cost’ which would mean ‘bad habits cost dearly’.

I’ve seen similar campaigns around the country recently, where electrical wires were shaped into snakes and scorpions. It helps to know that Kahramaa is the electricity and water regulator of the country and Tarsheed (National Campaign for the Conservation and Efficient Use of Water and Electricity in Qatar) was launched by them. It caught my eye because of the way the pipes and wheels were used to create the type (not too different from our  word project. I’m not an expert at this, but I think the reason it appeals to the eye is that it looks real enough to not look boring. Usually when you see something that looks like it’s been digitally created, we tend to overlook it (overly photoshopped or airbrushed images). Here, it looks subtle.

Again, I’m not an expert so I don’t know whether it’s a digital drawing or not, but the fact that it’s made to look like actual taps create the words ‘for water leakage’ adds to the concept.

I like it and it looks like good design. It’s purpose is to interestingly remind people to not let water leak. It shows the image of it and the words together. What would otherwise be a problem, lack of legibility, works well here. It’s not illegible. But the words aren’t read immediately. The image is interesting enough to keep your attention for long enough to read the word. The time it takes isn’t long, so again, the word isn’t illegible. The fact that it engages the viewer in this way, however, is what I think works well for the poster. These kinds of posters are rarely seen here, which also works in their favour.


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