4 Motion Type: Getting direction, more filming

We looked at examples by previous students to give us more inspiration and direction.

I got the thought that complete sentences would make more sense, than just keywords. But then when I wrote them out, it went back to feeling too literal; like I was narrating the story.

For the bilingual touch I decided that it would be natural to have urdu because I must have spoken to my sister in that language. I considered that the dialogue could be in urdu.

[screenshots of feverish]


^ I had to cut the perfect size for the camera lens, which reminds me that I need to invest in a circle-cutter.


^ Experimented with hand cut type. I had to set it up in such a way that I have a bit of foam stuck to my bed and the other end to the top of the paper to hold the paper relatively taught. That, or I would have needed an assistant at my disposal, or 4 pairs of hands…

It was only after i had cut that I saw that the counters fall out…because of their nature. Again, tape is magic. It held the counters in place.


MotionTypeExp00057 MotionTypeExp00058
 I made a superb discovery, that made me realise that I could overlay type manually in a really cool way by using two light sources. This experiment made me begin to love this method because it made me see that there was actually a lot of different ways I could put type in motion by playing with the light, instead of just making it blurry and shaky.


One thing that kept bothering me was that I had no ideas for images without making the story too literal. I asked again if I needed images? Apparently I don’t need to include images to explain the story… Conversation went something like this:

me: “won’t i need at least a few images to explain what’s happening?” (in the story, I though in my head).

them: “What are you trying to explain?”

enlightened me: “…But if I don’t include images then all I’m doing is showing the feeling—………….oh”

I also solved an issue that I was having.  We couldn’t understand why the camera wouldn’t let me record for more than 20 / 45 or other random amount of seconds. It kept shutting off randomly while I tried to film.

Google searching found the answer: 720p works. 1080 doesn’t for some reason. The size is too large?

As a viewer I would want some kind of cues to the story. The main objective though is to get the emotions evoked in the viewer. I would still like to give a hint of the context in which this ‘mysterious-emotion-filled’ event took place. Maybe just the up down buttons of the lift could flicker in and out? different colours? Red  or bright white for the buttons could add to the tense emotion of the ‘middle’ moment? Maybe…


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