3 Motion Type: Choosing words, music, filming (SPRING BREAK!!) and feedback

I decided to sift through my chosen words some more. These are the words I’ll consider using. Some of them I’ll use to help me animate, so some words will be the ‘effect’. Initially my plans were to ‘squish’ the word cramp, but that’s redundant. The word cramp could inspire me to squish another more meaningful word, like ‘sister’. I don’t need to have words like ‘flash‘ and ‘blur’ I could show that through actions and effects.

Words I’ll use for effects or setting the scene are italicised
words I’ll use as the actual words are emboldened:

feverishcramped, dingy, irritate, exasperate, intimidate, defianceabandoned

claustrophobic, restrictedhelpless, vulnerable, terror, distresspanic, alarm, confusion, rushflash, blurtight


remorse, shametearful

My next goal was to find the music I would use. 

I thought I would have to find my music first, then film—based on my music. After discussing it briefly, I realised that i could finish filming, then find my music and edit to make it fit.

I listened to a range of music….ranging from the Matrix, to Radiohead, to a game’s soundtrack (shadow of colosseus?). So many good soundtracks everywhere, yet finding the perfect one is so difficult.

Matrix Soundtrack – Mona Lisa Overdrive [Juno Reactor]

^ too energetic. And throughout it there was too much ‘electronic’ energy. that wasn’t the feel I was going for

Radiohead – There There

2. Kid A

9. Morning Bell

9. Climbing up the Walls

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works 85-92

^ with most of these, the build up or feel wasn’t the one I was looking for. I wanted music that felt a bit tense, but not scary. When I search for tense I get horror type spooky music.

9. 43:13 Schottkey 7th Path, Hedphelym, Actium?

Shadow of the Colossus OST (Playstation 2) Creeping shadow

Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi (HQ) resource < this it??? < This had a build up that’s repetitive in the sense that it gets slightly annoying, and then it builds up, and later returns to the original repetitive tune, but with a slight alteration. This changing in the tension feels like it fits, mostly because it starts regular, then heightens at the middle (climax), and comes down to a relative calm (I find her).

fruit igoe < this was similar in style, but it didn’t have the build up.

Philip Glass – The Hours [Full Album]

Morning passages. I’m Going To Make a Cake

in bold are the parts of the long soundtracks that stood out to me. I think I’m leaning towards choosing a soundtrack from a Phillip Glass album.

Experimental filming:

MotionTypeExp00002 MotionTypeExp00003

^ creating my own custom lighting studio….with the ever professional paper from Rawnaq. And of course…yes, that is my phone taped to a toilet paper roll. Very professional.


^ I experimented with flickering lighting here, in the feedback, that was the strongest part of this film. The very literal image of the lift printed on paper was redundant and uninteresting. And I knew that it didn’t look very aesthetic


^ I wanted to capture images created by light passing through the paper. The problem was, I couldn’t film it from straight forward because the paper was in the way…


^ Solution: puncture the paper with a hole the size of the camera lens…and tape. Tape is magic.


^ I was able to achieve quite an interesting fuzzy lighting effect with this method. The way light gets distorted through a gap of paper is amazing, it ends up contracting and doubling up depending on the distance of the paper, the wall and the light source.


^ A third direction I was considering was working with after effects. Where the doors slid to reveal words. But then it felt like a one trick pony. And in the feedback I got it also seemed too literal.


  • The feedback I got was that in the 1st direction the lighting was what was working. I realised this earlier when i discussed my films with friends. The paper/printed quality of the lift looked tacky and took away from the illusion that I was able to create with the dim and flickering lighting.
  • Apart from not looking good, the lift itself was too literal an image. It could be a word. or an image that isn’t so direct.
  • The shadow experiments in the 2nd direction looked more successful overall. The effect I was able to create when I moved the image relative to the light, the blurring, the shaking was far more interesting than having the lift printed out on an A3.
  • I was suggested to perhaps have type morph into the image (the L of elevator to the thin light of the lift?)


The most promising and interesting direction was the direction of the light and shadows.


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