2 Motion Type: Inspirations & Storyboard ideas

While thinking about our events and key moments/words, we also looked at various title sequences in class (one’s that all of us had found).

This helped us notice what really worked: timing the movements with the sound, having non-redundant movements and words. What we did notice was that most of the title sequences were image heavy, that was a problem since our work is going to be focused on the type.

Later we sketched out rough storyboards of key moments: beginning, middle and end points of our event.

img_0241-1 img_0240-1

The feedback that I got for these was that I was taking the words too literally. Or I was thinking in a redundant way. The word contracted, I wanted to compress, hence contract. This didn’t add to the message I was sending at all. I needed to convey the mood without being redundant.

We discussed ideas of how to not make it too literal and again, redundant, with the imagery. Instead of showing the entire doors, I could show just the lines and the movement of the lift through the shifting lights. Instead of contracted getting..contracted, I could have the silhouette of my sister getting contracted by the type. Perhaps by words like fear or alone. This would add way more depth to the meaning.


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