2 Signage: Material Hunting

The day the project was introduced, we also went down to the materials library and then to the woodshop and FabLab.

Some of the materials that caught my interest:
I got the idea of using carpets or similar fluffy materials by looking at the cluster of samples. The tinted glass that reflected at certain angles and showed through at other angles could be used for a conceptual purpose.

 Objects that have holes in them or are slightly see-through look drastically different from different angles and on different types of backgrounds/lighting. It could be replicated using straws? Objects that are bubbly/blobby or layered could be gotten by melting different kinds of plastics or wax.

^ Found this chained up armor-like material. Apparently it’s hard to get and is used for large-scale construction work. Similar materials could be hacked to get it (like the traditional arabic headdress for women).

Material shopping in around Doha! By the weekend I had decided that I wanted to work with felt, wax and clay (maybe wood but it’s unlikely). Clay I was sourcing from friends that had loads to spare. Wax and felt we had to go out and find it (we went as a group).

First stop, Souq Waqif:

After unsuccessfully walking around Souq Deira, the abaya and fabric areas of the souq, we went to the familiar Rawnaq. Lo and behold:
Rolls and rolls of different colours and thicknesses of felt!!
I picked out a bright green, which I thought went with the idea of a sign (like a fluorescent sign), and a greyish sheet that would balance out the brightness. Another concept was that because the word I had finally chosen was adapt, the green and grey mixed together would show the adaptation of nature and manmade, or nature and technology.

Next stop was Ikea. Bought green, white wax (candles) keeping the colour of the felt in mind. I bought blue and red as well in case I wanted to experiment with contrasting colours as well.



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