6 Signage: Further Experimentation

I could still go both ways, either the quilting way, or the weaving. One thing that would make me go for the weaving is that I couldn’t get the letter to stick to felt in anyway. First the wax wouldn’t hold. So I scraped an area of it off, and etched the clay, to give it friction and hold. It still didn’t stick. Hot glue. No. All purpose. No. Wood glue. No. Super glue. No. Literally nothing worked:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.23.10 PM
 It got to a point where I even considered switching materials to wax coated paper or tissue. I was desperate. Anyway, settled on weaving.

Something else that I wanted to try was to release the ‘filled’ wax. I wanted to see if the wax would look translucent:
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 10.23.20 PM
^No…No translucency at all. I settled with cutting out my clay. Got two pieces of wood to make sure I rolled out an even layer of clay. I also made a note of how the p’s differed from the d (to prevent confusion).

A problem I anticipated having was that my clay could break. I needed to find a way to strengthen the clay. A few suggestions were ‘blending’ it with wool or other fibres. Another method was blending it with paper. I didn’t have time for either of these and I wasn’t even sure whether it would work or not.

When I went to get advice, I was advised instead to experiment more with different materials. I didn’t seem to be going anywhere with the wax. Maybe I could experiment weaving the felt with another material altogether. Clay? Metal Wire or mesh? Wood? Something that would be ‘unexpected’, showing the adaptation between the materials happening.


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