1 Signage: Project Intro

The next project was introduced to us as one where we had to make a sign. It had to be around 60x60cm so approximately a2 in size. Main requirements are that it needs to be made up of 3 materials and captures the essence of the word. Although, the focus in this project is less on the conceptual aspect and more on the material and building aspect. We need to know what material we’ll be using and why. We need to keep in mind:

weight of the sign.

We spent the lesson discussing the differences between designers, craftsmen and engineers. What’s the difference between the different fields? We need to care for the design and craft a lot of the time in our courses, so what makes us different?

Design > Craft > Engineering (ability to figure out very complex problems)
design – action of formulating a plan. action with intention. carefully considering the implications and intention of an action, then taking the action. Plan/concept/mind > then action. (design communication? taking action with the intention to make a change in the world).

Craft – craftsmen. Follow a plan. Finish a design. Not having the intention to make change. Concern and an intimate, intuitive understanding of material. Spend time with the material, the intimate knowledge gained through making.

Engineering – Problem Solving. How to make this work. Overlooks critical questions such as why am I doing this, how will this affect this world? 

So to divide the 3 fields, in very crude terms:

Design: Why are we making this
Craft: How are we making this work
Engine: What are we making this out of

When told to work with 3 materials, I immediately started to think about materials that I would like to work with:


 We have to pick a word that describes the ideals of the Graphic Design department. Out of a long document of different principles according to different faculties, I picked out the words that resonated with me:
Flexible media
Time manipulation
Meta narrative
Initial References I found that could help me work with some of my potential materials:

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