3 Signage: Action Plan

Since it was about time we entered the project head on, we had to make a clear plan of everything we planned to do by the deadline. We all had independant projects, so the deadlines had to be set by us, we had to estimate how long we thought a part of the project would take.

Between Wed 3 and Mon 8
work with felt..and clay? figure out
how to make layer of clay and add felt
get wax melter
how will it be hung?????????

mon 8 – wed 10
cement factory
flatten the clay to desired shape and start building on the felt
(depending on  most successful prototype)
cut out letters before clay dries? or…coat letters in wax…

wed 10 – mon 15
experiment with wax marbling

mon 15 – wed 17
cut the letters and fill with wax (if needed)

wed 17 – sun 21
in case something goes wrong…
otherwise work on how to mount it

sun 21

Now to figure out what I actually planned to do with my materials…

I had the ideas of filling cut out letters with wax, or coating cut letters in wax, or coating felt. It’s clear that I actually wasn’t sure of what I wanted to do. I started sketching:


 Deciding my type took some time. I looked at typefaces like Bodoni, Century, Helvetica, Avenir, Fedra Serif B, Gill Sans and Source Sans Pro. I settled on Meta because it looked the most like adapt without looking over the top. But I altered the type a bit, extending the ascenders and descenders just slightly (the middle version), because the original (left) looked too squat. Extending made it look more like the word was reaching out and adapting.

To get a better idea of what I could do with my materials, I started looking for inspiration:
 could coat fabric with wax or clay

 could shave bits of the wax and mix with the clay. Or cut hardened clay and suspend it in wax

 How to cut felt (sharp scissors).

After trying t find different things that I could do, I decided to talk to Richard in the materials library for more ideas on what I could do with felt, since most of my searches just yielded craftwork.


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