Marbled type?

Again, where I found this type is very obvious. Found it on an Instagram account called mrkylewilkinson

merci copymerci2 copy 2

The post description explained that he made it for “The Design Jones’ first birthday”. After a bit of research I found that they’re a podcast that focuses on  uk based designers. I liked it as an image. In fact, it reminded me of our project where we focused on type as image.

What looked interesting was how such organic and fluid lines were contained in a san serif typeface. What I liked even more was that it was clear that quite some physical hardwork went into it, instead of digital manipulation. At least that’s what it looks like. Like our word project, the edges of the letters don’t look like the product of a ‘clipping mask’. There are areas where the ripples show at the edges. This unevenness despite the extreme control is what I really liked.

I can’t really judge whether it’s a good or bad design. It’s purpose seemed to be to thank the podcast company, so with that context in mind it does a good job. How can you go wrong with saying a word? Actually you can, but this didn’t go wrong. It states the word cleanly, beautifully, but also shows care and sincerity—like the word ‘thank you’ should be stated. ‘Merci’ could have been solid black. It could have also been an image of marbled paper that had a clipping mask over it. Except it isn’t that. It shows effort.


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