Chewing Gum

Where I found this type is pretty  obvious:


Now there are a bunch of different fonts on the gum packet. I like them all. I also think they’re all good (maybe apart from the word curiously).

Why? I noticed it because of it’s interesting composition. The type is flowing and being framed by the illustrations around it. This kind of type looks like something that is from an older time.  Vintage?

The choice of type for both the cursive part and the all-caps parts give the packet a classic look. The illustrations also help this look. It seems to want to attract people that want to think that they have a strong or refined taste. The underlying concept is probably that: this gum is for classy people/you eat this gum you are a classy person or have good taste.

What I dislike and think is a bad design is the hierarchy of the type. I also think that from a design point of view, reading the word curiously is a bit difficult (although I really like the type and think it looks pretty).

They way the words are arranged and scaled I first read them as “curiously strong mint gum”. Then I see “quality strong mint gum”. Now I’m a confused reader. Curiously quality strong mint gum?? I just realised how frustrating this is that even now I don’t know which order I’m supposed to read it in. Maybe it’s “curiously strong mint quality gum”.

If it were in my hands I would just get rid of the word “quality” altogether. It’s so small and uninteresting in comparison to the rest that I don’t even want to read it. “Curiously strong mint gum” just sounds so much better without “quality”.

Now the cursive “curiously” is placed on top of a striped background. Even though curiously is italicised and the stripes are vertical, I still think it would make it easier to read if the stripes weren’t there. A lot of things, like mint leaves, the framing and non-linear wavey type are already there to make the overall image interesting.


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