Arduino – Displaying them and Reflection

finalarduino00001 copy finalarduino00002 copy

^ wiring in progress


Looking back at the past few weeks, I realised that we had covered a huge amount of things in a short time. I’m glad I had past experience with wiring and coding using Arduino, otherwise I would’ve struggled with the technical parts instead of focusing on my concepts. I got better at coding (before I’d only known how to change variables), reading and actually understanding the language.

Wiring and using the breadboard was another thing I gained knowledge in. Before, I just followed direct instructions on what to plug into where, during this project I was able to do more independent experiments using online help if needed. What I loved was working with the sensors, to create and interactive experience.

I struggled with the coding many times. I was lucky to have a programmer at home, but even then, there were times when even she couldn’t (or didn’t want to…) help. It was solving the coding problems that gave me so much satisfaction, especially if I solved it without any assistance.

Further ideas:
I would really like to spend more time on working with the ranges, so that it works close to perfectly. I’d also like to work with my spaceship again. Now that I know how to play the dancefloor separately from the character, I should be able to play the stars separately as well. Something I wish we’d covered was outputs other than just the LED matrix. It would be interesting to output music, sounds or motions depending on what is sensed. We could also have had the other output play WITH the animation…e.g.

if a person gets close enough to my sensor, not only does the face become big, but a buzzer or sound also goes off.


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