Arduino: Animations

Using any means we wanted (arrays, loops anything we learned so far) We had to create a few animations loosely based around the topics:
typography (fonts)
famous work of art

Keeping in mind the concept of ‘story’

Ideas I had:

famous work of art: The Scream, The Great Wave
Flag and food to show story  of the works of art? Country and background of artists?

I decided to start with my personal favourite, The Scream by Edvard Munch:

My idea evolved through the process. I made the first frame to begin with.


The painting was not clear at such a small scale (because of the teensy screen and limited number of bits) so I got the idea to zoom. I zoomed and needed features to appear from nothing. The thought of making them appear in a sequence came next. I could show the eyes first, then lips then the mouth opens bit by bit. This would emphasise the scream!


I used what we learned about frame sequences to alter the timings of how I wanted the frames to appear.

I wrote comments to show my thought processes in the code itself:
 a clearer explanation is that I stored different frame sequences : e.gtotalFrames0, totalFrames and totalFrames2 with the different frames (zooming in and mouth opening). This was so that I could alter the speed with which each sequence took place.



Next I decided to animate a scrolling flag of Norway (Edvard Munch was from Norway). The problem was that even though the flag was a simple cross, getting the correct thickness and proportions in the correct spot was difficult, again because of the limited number of pixels and the square matrix.

I tried different styles, finally settling on the one on the far left (top row):


I made a spaceship next because I had the thought of zooming into the mouth so much that it reveals a spaceship inside…some kind of zany animation. I didn’t do that part, but made an animation of a ufo bobbing around while stars whizz past it.


initially I had a delay so that the UFO pauses after bobbing in a circle once, but it just looked unnatural and I got rid of the pause.


My last step was to try to figure out how to make the stars fly by at a faster speed than the hovering spaceship:

arduino00019 arduino00020

^^^  Using this method I couldn’t get the stars to play separately from ship. But I got the ship to play alone with the top and bottom rows being blank…I  changed y=0 to y=1 and changed the dimensions of the array. Still need to figure out how to add on the stars.


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