Bean Bag: Week 3

Went back to the tailor (day after giving it to him) to check on process. He said he hadn’t started yet. We went back the day after (during class time):

upholsterybeanbagliningblackout copy
^ wow progress!

Went back the next day and he had the cover done as well, ready to be collected:
next came the messy/fun step of filling it in. And only then did we discover that we had WAY less filling than we needed. Filling that came from Dubai…The two huge cardboard boxes full of filling filled less than half of the bag. I hurriedly called the ‘upholsterer’ to arrange something (since earlier he’d said he knew where to get the fillings), he said he’d try to get them ASAP but it takes minimum of 4 days.

We moved on to thinking about the eyes. When we took our cloth (white and black) to the fashion design tailor he made a sample (using the softball sample we took to him):

Make a Baseball template


He suggested that for this to have a good finish, we should by a faux leather kind of fabric called ‘rexine‘. He told us where we’d find it. After a while of driving and walking around in a seemingly shady area, we finally found it. And then of course (like all the other times we left during class time) there was the 2-8 traffic to deal with.


Atleast now that we had our rexine, we worked on cutting it out, so that all the tailor had to do was stitch it together. Our initial plan was to do the stitching ourselves, but after seeing him stitch the sample, we realised we wouldn’t be able to do a very good job by ourselves (especially the stitching part).
 We planned how we would attach the magnet in the eyes. We considered gluing them on directly to the inside of the rexine, but then decided that using a patch to create a supporting pocket for the magnet would be the best solution. The problem came when we had to attach the pocket fabric to the leather fabric. Super glue didn’t work. Fabric glue didn’t work. We didn’t want to stitch it because the thread would show on the outside of the eyeball. In the end it was a liberal amount of super glue that did it.

That weekend our second batch of filling had arrived at the upholsterers:epsbeads
 This batch was twice the total of what we had earlier, 4 times one of the full cardboard boxes. Filled the entire back and middle passenger seat of a land cruiser. Entire.


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