Bean Bag: Week 2

Beginning of this week I picked up Amreen (plus bean bag filling) from the airport…Because we couldn’t find it here (despite even asking online) and she had to buy it from Dubai. We’re dedicated people:

EPSbeads5-10kgs worth of EPS beads…

next came the step of buying the fabric (and magnets). We couldn’t find magnet strips, so had to buy regular, round magnets.

^ settled on complementing red and purple velvet (good that I didn’t make the decision alone!). Bought a zip as well, in anticipation that the tailor may need it.


 got back and clarified our design. How we would explain it to the tailor. We’d take images as reference (to explain the type of bean bag = flat = two layers of fabric with a thickness) and our design of the cross-section. We even planned where we’d have the handle (in an area where the blob is ‘convex’) so that the stitching and seams aren’t stressed. Finalised our idea for the eyes. Initially the plan was to have them patched on, or stitched on flat. We even considered painting them on with fabric.

The final idea was to have the eyes as round plushies, that would connect to the bean bag via magnets. Other things we considered was that they could connect with velcro or buttons.

  • Velcro – ruins fabric/hair/velvet.
  • Buttons – feel hard and don’t look very aesthetic.
  • Magnets – don’t see them, barely feel them (flat), more fun, cooler…

So to carry out this plan, we had to break some magnets

(used the fabrication labs wooden vices)

took our designs to a sofa upholstery tailor – upholsterer? Explained it to him using images we’d printed out beforehand. We’re prepared people:
 such nice materials. We could’ve bought rainbow materials from here! Except, we can’t afford rainbow colours of such a high quality

Before we even mentioned, he suggested himself that he should make a lining for the velvet from ‘blackout’/curtain material, to give it shape and hold. He also told us that the zip that we’d bought wasn’t long enough and that he’d use a zip that was sufficient.

We tried to make it very clear to him that we needed it by the coming Wednesday (to give ourselves a week of final touches and preparing the magnets + eyes before the final. He said he’d try…



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