Poster: Final reflections

Typographyposterkhalilgibrantheprophet00021 copy

PRINTOUT IMAGE (natural sunny lighting [yellow tinge]) (artificial white light coming soon…):
IMG_7176 copy.JPG

Once it had printed I immediately saw things that I would change to make improvements.  I could have made my paragraph size slightly larger. And the colour of the blue text on the white scarf should have been darker, mostly because the blue was fading and getting illegible on the shadows of the folds. And I realised that if I did this then I would probably also increase the size of my sentence (doing that would be less simple since I was fitting my sentence in such a restricted space – it’s entire placement might need changing).

Other than that I feel like despite this project being super short I did learn something. Mostly it was how I shouldn’t do overkill by hooking the hook. And then how different posters require different solutions (I got this by looking at my work and my peers’ works). Some looked better with a box behind text, some didn’t need any box, mine needed an organic kind of background. I also need to remember that text needs breathing space. I noticed that I often restrict the framing box too much. Another thing I should remember is that I should test more than once. If I had tested just once more, before doing the final, then I would’ve noticed all the things that needed improving. I later (during the critique) also learned that the type in the image didn’t need to match the type of the sentences as paragraphs.

Things I struggled with…making the fabric photographed weeks later, look like it was integrated with the image. And then showing up text on a textured background. I never realised that it would be so difficult to make text look legible. I found composing and placements difficult too. throughout the process I switched between using intervals in the image to the rule of 3rds and by the end of it, still wasn’t sure of myself. It was only at the end where I created a grid (like what I did for sentences and paragraphs) that I felt that the quadrants worked better. And remembered that I had the liberty to break my own rule slightly if necessary. Colour choices weren’t easy for two reasons; the colour needed to look good/complement the image and overall composition AS WELL as being legible.


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