Poster: Final phase

Based on the feedback, first thing I did was the simplest thing (to avoid the complicated part). I altered my name so that it flowed better with the logo. I positioned it differently, but the bottom left looked the best at the end (other positions looked off and weird). I even thought that arabic would look good since the flow of the logo is from right to left, but the font type didn’t match (too thin). Typographyposterkhalilgibrantheprophet00013

First I tried again to make the ‘box’ work (because I felt like I didn’t have time to do the fabric idea). I thought making the box ‘burn’ would blend it better, but it was still clearly a box. I even tried rotating the type. Nope. Not good.

 I accepted that I should photograph the fabric. I had to go through a tedious process of editing on photoshop, then placing in Indesign, then going back if it was in the wrong position. Anyway, the first fabric style was too flat. Like a scroll. It was clearer to see the type on this, but it looked unnatural. I used another photograph where the fabric looked more spontaneous. I tried the idea of putting type on the suitcase but that was even more illegible than the carpet (no matter which colour I tried).

 adjusted the placement of the text to match intervals (of the paragraph above, which i aligned to the . Once I’d done that I had to adjust the positioning of the fabric.

There were issues with the colour of the text on the white fabric, the initial blue was too light, I had to use different blues from the image.

 adjusting the sentence structure. I couldn’t get the type to look nice, legible, have the proper size AND follow an interval. In the end I ended up changing the font from ITC Garamond bold to just Garamond. It fit the area better without losing size.

I chose to have the positioning like this because I wanted the viewers eyes to go from the word, to the sentence, to the paragraph and back up (in a circular motion).

I was still struggling with the other paragraph. I had nowhere to place it well and make it look legible. Another fabric would look too intentional. On the current fabric wasn’t legible. I tried something where I took that area of the carpet and took it into photoshop, applied gaussian blur and used curve adjustments to darken the carpet slightly. It looked tacky.

My friends helped me by suggesting to make the type slightly bigger. The problem with this was that I had to sacrifice my perfectly broken lines and shorten the character length. I also had to make my type for english slightly larger (I made both arabic and latin bolder too).

 Final adjustments of the sentences and paragraphs. My solution for the sentence when it touched the suitcase (but was on the grid) was to shift it away from the grid every so slightly. And to make the paragraph legible I experimented with lighter font colours, in the end a bluish white worked.



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