Paragraph: Final reflection

The professors noted that there was a marked improvement from what we had at the beginning. They asked us why. I was not sure how to answer that question. Some of the students talked about their ‘aha’ moment. Apparently they had one. But honestly, I don’t remember having one. Actually I did. It was when I saw my A4, when I outdented one line and saw how it looked I remember thinking that it looked amazing in a super ‘aha’ moment. But that was it. I wasn’t sure whether that was because it actually looked good or because I was tired and liked unaesthetic…Especially since when I went around getting feedback it wasn’t very positive.

We talked about concepts during the critique. Apparently one thing we’d all figured out was how important concepts were. Again, I wasn’t sure I had a concept. But then I thought back to Design Tech and remembered that a concept doesn’t have to be a story. So, my concept was probably emphasis. Emphasising specific things. Like the ‘carved’ line in the A4. Not sure whether I had one in A5. I don’t think I did. Which is probably why it’s my least favourite. I really don’t like it compared to the other two.

One thing that I did realise I’d done was create limitations for myself, and then let myself break my own system ever so slightly (not so slight with A3). Again, I know I didn’t do this with my A5. Apart from using justified text, there was no conceptual rule breaking.

The general feedback I got was how the brick had been constricted too close to the text and was popping out too much. Another thing to consider was how close it was to the text on the left. I remembered noting this once I was done, but at that point it was too late to do anything about it. I had also considered shifting it but was unable to come up with a solution to create enough space without the block looking central. Now I think that maybe I could have reduced the height of the block, to make it less dramatic. Or shift the text on the left just a little bit.

When they said there was a marked improvement I didn’t really see it, but when I look back at my initial experiments there is definitely a difference. I don’t know how. Again, I’m not sure when this happened. But I ended up learning how to have a balance of control, vs not so controlled. My general experience was mixed. The end result was satisfying. But I found working with sentences a bit easier than working with paragraphs. Even though sentences didn’t use up a lot of white space (so we had to consider their placement even more) there was less to consider in terms of tracking, alignment, line breaks. This project forced me to consider all these things at once. It was tasking, but it helped.

To go further with this, I’m already working on the poster. But if I didn’t have to do that, then one of the questions that I was asked was what I’d try out. I was asked how I would make the A3 flat. I thought of a few options, one of which I’d already done. Photography, Scanning and physically flattening it to do a scan again.

Photographs of the final submissions:






IMG_0252 IMG_0249 IMG_7037 copy

^I’m not afraid to say that I love this image. The light and the dark. And the fact that the light is shining on the box that has the ‘deep’ part of the poem. And the fact that the shadow is on the part that is talking about how there is some conflict between people, which is better than which is unclear (in the shadows).






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