Paragraph: Final feedback and indents notes

So we experimented with the other page sizes too. After working with just A4 the whole time, this was a bit more challenging than it should have been. I’ve included photos of what I showed of each size to get feedback.


^ For A5. First let me complain about the printer messing up the print  so many times, on the left. Ok. So this was the first time that I properly experimented with kashida. And this was mostly because I really wanted to justify my text. I didn’t see any problems with this, unless there are rivers. So kashidas saved my life when it came to arabic text. For english, it was a lot of adjustments to avoid rivers.

Apparently the one on the right was the most promising. Adjustments like fixing the ‘intervals’. Intervals. Always intervals.


^ A4, again, the way the one on the right was fitting worked well, but again, the way the ‘intervals were, wasn’t working.

***photo of A3 w/feedback

The basic feedback that I got for most of my work was how I STILL wasn’t using intervals and grids properly. So the professor set up a grid for me and showed me one to one. I think I get it. Maybe. What I get is that I can’t go halving my gridlines, because even though I’m still following the grid, if it’s too tight, then the viewer won’t be able to detect ANY system. So I need to work on my intervals. And even the slightest thing being off from the grid can be detectable, so I need to cheat wisely.

Apart from getting feedback (before the due date) we also were shown how to indent, outdent and got refreshers on invisibles, returns , hanging indents etc.

Image of notes on indents and outdents***.

IMG_6983 copy

You can cancel hyphenation on paragraphs. I never knew. I wish I’d learned this earlier. I also finally learned the difference between hard return and soft return: Hard is when it creates a paragraph (adding space before it will put some space. Soft doesn’t turn the what has been returned into a paragraph. It’s easy to see the difference when the invisibles are on, the shape (pilcrow) is visible.


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