Paragraph: 3rd round of experimentations and talking about final poster

Work day, where we started off by discussing the final project (combining everything done so far into one final poster). We would be working on InDesign.

Important points:

Importing pdf or jpeg into indesign instead of directly from photoshop reduces quality

Don’t drop from window to indesign. this overrides ‘link’ function. Place instead

To see the clear resolution of the image quickly, View, overprint preview

cmd+shift hold to resize both image and frame at the same time

Links panel – don’t move images (from their sources), to avoid link being lost

To edit any placed images > right click on placed image – edit original. (thankfully we’d done a lot of this in Imaging).

I started experimenting a bit, simply pasting text on the image. Which I know is probably not what we’re going for. Decided to go with White text on euphoric because black wasn’t showing up. Again, not very amazing discoveries. I went back to working on the paragraphs, because, more urgency for that.

Experimented with more english typefaces, trying to match my type better, while being more experimental. I tried ones that I hadn’t yet, like Bembo and Baskerville. Realised that Palatino was one of the best for high vernacular, flowy type. Worked with Avenir initially though. Again, trying to get the line break to make sense and sound poetic as well as visually fitting. Right now the 3 tierdness of the paragraph on the top left doesn’t fit the composition (even though the line breaks are so perfect…).



Squinted my eyes and realised that the leading for english was also too thin (and the type was dark).

Not sure whether this part is a good tension or not…what is good tension, and what is annoying.


Ended up showing these for feedback:



The separation of the dialogues (arabic) works. But it should be a bit more free flow if I want that to work. It looks too restrained. note: so maybe I could have the dialogue in a separate text from the last line.

The right works better in terms of the crispness (edges that create the white space). The one on the left had the ragged sides forming the ‘negative space shapes’. The one on the right had the straight edges forming the shapes (the edges that the texts were aligned to).

I had thought it looked artificial with the too crisp edges. Very forced, but apparently it was artificial in a way, since I restricted the text in the box. Either way, the block was too central in the right composition, so the composition in the one on the left looked better. I could work with this.


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