Bean Bag: Week 1

We decided on using magnetic strips because we figured that using actual magnets would hurt when someone sat on the beanbag.

Researching where to get materials needed:

materialshoppingblob00002 materialshoppingblob00003  materialshoppingblob00005

And then, since I barely know the basics of sowing, researching templates and techniques:

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 6.03.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.13.57 PM materialshoppingblob00001 Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.18.04 PM

^ Round for the eyes.

Consulting with professionals…:

We went around asking Richard (materials library), professors and Johana from the Design shop if they knew where to buy bean bag filling (and the fabric).


Decided on a bean bag shape. We could do a blob, popcorn, donut. If we made a blob it could be stacked, connected with velcro or it could be like a steak…We settled on the steak.IMG_6637

Next came deciding on the size we wanted it to be, so that we could figure out how much fabric we needed. Used the tiles on the floor as a reference (they’re 40x40cm) and figured that we wanted the blob to be about 160x160cm. But since we wanted a blobby shaped bag, only the widest part would be that length, so we planned to go bigger, 2x2m. Multiple people can chill on it at once.

Translating the scale on illustrator to experiment with the shapes:

We both agreed on the one on the far left^

We took it to the tailor in Fashion Design who helped us calculate how much fabric we’d be needing. He explained that if we didn’t want to have a ‘joining’ area then we’d need to find fabric that had a wide width.

Fabric searching (later buying):

So I spent this weekend searching around for good places for fabric. We still hadn’t decided on what fabric to buy. It had to be thick for strength (so that it holds all the beads and bodyweight without bursting/beads showing through). But it should also be soft for comfort.  And then we also had a colour preference. Preferably we wanted 2 shades of blue, or red. Or colours that complemented.

I found these, a thin kind (nope because it’s too thin), velvets and a stretchy kind of fabric (Amreen later enlightened me by telling me it’s ‘lycra’…).


I didn’t buy there and then, because I wanted to confirm the decision of the fabric with Amreen (she wasn’t in the country at this point).


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