3D – Reflection

The group is crowded around the display box:


Setting it up:

IMG_6623 IMG_6628

As a whole we produced many different styles of characters. We had hanging ones, plant pots, heels, lipsticks, groups, keychains. Ones with exchangeable features:

IMG_6631 IMG_6632

We had to name them at a last minute notice. I rushed through a bunch of name: bloop, gloop, blobby, blobster, wob, wobble.

And here it is:



Simplifying my idea. Kept trying to do too complicated things, had to simplify. Figuring out how to get the glossy finish was challenging (experimenting with different types of nail polish remover, how to apply the remover, how to use varnish, how to paint, which paint). There were a lot of tests I had to go through. And even though I went through all these tests, I faced problems that I may have anticipated (the spray paint enlarging the eyeballs), but had hoped wouldn’t become a big issue (unfortunately, they did).

The whole eyeball rolling thing worked…but not as cleanly as I had wanted it to. I wanted the eyeballs to roll smoothly, instead (especially after the whole spray paint, 480 thing, varnish scenario) they hiccup a bit (get stuck). I had tried to make sure that the eyeball won’t pop out (by making the sphere inset far enough that the thickest part of the sphere was below the surface), but then the physical prints had ridges. After sanding those ridges, of course, it began popping out (the larger eye) since I hadn’t embedded the larger eye far enough).

I sliced the blob cleanly in the software, but again, after printing, it just didn’t fit as cleanly. This was one problem that I hadn’t anticipated and planned for. If I get the chance, I’ll probably try filling the ridges with melted wax or glue and spray paint over it. Except it’s going to be displayed soon so I probably won’t get the chance. But I will. Whenever I get the chance.

Difference between 2D and 3D:

Honestly, even though it was more complicated and a bit frustrating at times, it felt really cool, creating something that I knew would be a physical thing. I didn’t struggle that much. It took a bit of time to get used to how scaling and everything worked, but most of my problems came post printing.

How did the process inspire you to develop the concept + story. How did the process inspire a concept. What is the internal logic?:

So I didn’t really think I have a concept. Since there is no story. But the internal logic is probably something close to how different blobs would look and behave. A blob started off as a gumdrop. But then a blob can also drip slowly. And if it were alive, it would most likely panic before dropping on the ground from a height. It can make a sloshy sound. And of course, the eyes of a blob are unlikely to be fixed in place. They roll around in the slime that is the blob. Or drop out (I never did make the eyes drop out, but I wanted to, might do it for the last project).

Next step?

I will probably try filling the gaps with some wax or thick paint, and spray paint over it again to reduce the ridges. Or maybe not. The look that it’s been in some accident has kind of grown on me…


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