Paragraph: 2nd round of experimentations and feedback

I used ‘intervals’ and grids more in my second round of experiments. Tried creating ‘contrasts’ between the way the type was arranged on the page (long and thin areas vs wide and short). I  broke up my space more, experimenting with ‘locking’ texts together. Trying to get areas where the white space was used and dynamic, based on the feedback from last time.

I made the one on the left page first, to create a long line for contrast. Then I felt like it wasn’t working so I moved those lines of type to the the left edge of the page, making its width half of the width of the latin texts, to this time have it long and thin vertically. To avoid the empty area I moved the text from the bottom right to the top and adjusted the where the lines broke as well (thinking about at what words the lines ended) on the right page:


Working with intervals mixed with a grid. I wasn’t sure how this whole interval thing worked. But according to my understanding this is what I did. I set up a grid layout, where the page was split into 9 quadrants which were also split into 9 (like I did with my sentences). Then I started placing my boxes of type into the grid. After I placed one. I added more grid lines (red), to see exactly where the paragraphs intervals were and used those to help me place the other boxes (using the initial grid as a guide at the same time). And when it got too confusing (which lines to follow) I based my decision on what looked the best visually. I might be getting too mathematical again. But really, I don’t think I’ve gotten the hang of grids and intervals yet.


Feedback and class discussions:


We covered quite a few things as we looked at each other’s works. Technical things like using the baseline grid, kashida (using key) to space out arabic type length, hanging punctuations, spacial depth using type. An important point was how some layouts can be  non-replicable. So depending on what the type is for, the typesetting may or may not work.

The ones I liked the least:


^ I  know their spacing isn’t interesting. I used a grid (incorrectly maybe)  but the composition seemed too ‘stuck on’ or static, despite me using the space? Not sure how I feel about them. I didn’t even show these for feedback, didn’t think they were worth it.

I showed one of these to get critiqued. It was okay, but some of the rags were weird and the line length got too long at some points. When I mentioned how I broke the lines using returns, for the flow of the content it made more sense. But even then, the way the type looks visually is the priority. 


A couple of these ones were the ones we talked about in class:IMG_6712

^ What I was trying to do with the ‘contrast’ with the long line length wasn’t working. It was too long, it made readability difficult. Then, a place where I broke the box in a way where the last line was longer than the rest, it looked annoying, instead of effective (I was trying to create a corner of a square in the bottom row middle one). A recurring problem I had was how, because I had split my paragraphs into so many small parts, it was difficult to follow the words. People didn’t know the order in which to read the chunks of text, so there was a competition between sections of paragraphs that were too close to each other to see the order. bottom row left was one of the cases where this happened. And while it apparently works as a magazine layout or something like that (something that would have images accompanied with text), as a body text, or a paragraph that’s just meant to be read, it doesn’t work.

Now this was something I did last minute, which I didn’t show in class. I must have gotten inspired by the fact that I was trying to create, box like white spaces with hard edges, that I felt like making something boxlike, it emphasised the look. Another inspiration must have come from the extrusion tool we used in Design Tech when working with 3D software. I wanted it to look like that chunk of paragraph had been pulled upwards.

IMG_6717 IMG_6725

^ I was surprised by the success of how cool it looked in light…there was shadow, and then a bright light where the light hit the 90degrees area where the page met the wall of the box.

I don’t know what to think of this. I really like it (the box effect not the layout of text since the critique made me see it’s flaws). But then again I also really like extreme rivers… and extremely tracked out words.


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