Sentences: Critique (sort of) and reflection

So we didn’t really have the ‘regular’ critique. I thought we’d be pinning our finals up as usual (so that the whole flap and shadow thing would work), but we didn’t. The head of the Graphic Design department in the Richmond campus, David Shields, came to visit and we ended up talking about our previous project with him for the most part.

When we did move on to talking about the current project, we explained what we had done so far to him. There wasn’t a chance to give each other the usual, in depth feedback. But we did discuss how doing something ‘unexpected‘ raised the bar for the class, and how this can’t be taught, to do this we need to take risks.

What made me panic a bit was how we didn’t pin up our final 3 ones, so I didn’t get a chance to explain what I had done with my A3 version (or take a photograph of them pinned up – which I wanted to do, to photograph the shadowed ‘final’ presentation, the final presentation that never came).

Either way, this project ended up being an unexpected rollercoaster for me. Rollercoaster not in the sense that is was ‘thrilling’, but it was that kind of a learning experience. I felt ‘stretched’ in a way, doing something completely new, using something completely new, and being asked to think in a completely new way.

It had started as simply following rules (the list of different experimentations we did) and even thinking “how are we supposed to do something out of the ordinary when everything is laid out exactly for us? Maybe it’s not possible in this project to do that.” And “I don’t know InDesign

It ended with a definite improvement and confidence in using InDesign, and learning about line breaks (which I shouldn’t forget in the future because of my type crime), quadrants, intervals, dynamic compositions. I still feel like I think too much about the mathematics. I know that that’s not the best way to design, but maybe I really need to somehow improve my aesthetic eye? (which I think I lack anyway, I like things that apparently are ugly…).

Even though all projects are, this project was especially a bonding experience between me and my peers. We helped each other, constantly helping the other decide and pick between compositions. Suggesting changes and  discussing ideas of ways to make something ‘unexpected’.

To push this further I’d want to get more feedback on my final choices, so that I can push them to being even better. After the previous project, this project has also made me see the dark (painful?) side of Typography. I’d like to think it only feels that way because I’m an amateur and only just starting. I really hope that’s the case.


Photographs of the final submissions:









^ Loved the way this one turned out.


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