Sentences: Finalising ‘beautiful’ type

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00019 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00021 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00022So. After the discussion (which was the last one, next lesson is the deadline), I decided to focus on my composition and nothing else. I made quadrants (to keep the magic points in mind) but kept in mind also that I shouldn’t focus too much on the ‘mathematics‘. 

I remembered how in the discussion they mentioned how I even have to keep in mind how letters line up next to each other. Aligning ‘that’ with the ‘y’ in ‘crazy’:


Don’t think it’s as interesting when the line length (of 3rd line) is shorter than and in width of the line length above it (2nd line) (3rd line below 2nd). It makes it look centred: typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00003

Shifted the lines around, trying to make a more dynamic combination. Aligning the last line with ‘a’ (in the 2nd line) and then with ‘yummy’:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00004 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00005 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00006

I think, because there are so many intervals and alignments that need to be kept in mind, I forget to look at the actual composition (focusing on the ‘mathematical rules’). So hiding the grid and stepping away helps. Trying to emphasise only one thing, to avoid redundancy and overkill…:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00007 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00008

Trying a different line break, to emphasise ‘ravioli’, since that is an odd word in the already odd sentence:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00009 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00010

Adjusting the alignments and shifting where the lines are:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00011 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00012

^ second one is too close to the right edge of the page.


^ This composition one seems too centered?

I feel like the loves doesn’t want to align with the yummy as much as the ‘that’ does:


^ The ‘a’ makes it look weird?

Still looks weird:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00015 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00016

Shifted composition, focusing on making a ‘dynamic’ triangle.I focused again on looking at the intervals, instead of focusing on hitting the magic points::

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00017 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00018

^ first one (above left) looks like a face apparently (according to my friend).I have a feeling about the second one (above right). But then again, I can’t be sure since the 3rd line in the second one may be too close to the bottom edge of the paper.

I tried again to make ‘is secretly’ work:


Struggled with that so I moved on. Instead of touching a magic point I decided to try to  seriously avoid them for emphasis with the word ‘ravioli’:


I felt like it looked cool. But maybe it was a psychological thing because I knew how ‘coolly’ I had broken the rules. The latter is more likely because when I asked my friends for feedback, they just thought it looked ‘off‘:


When I moved on to A3 I wanted to try something ‘different’. I couldn’t cut out of the paper for emphasis, because the professor already showed us that. I thought of working with flaps and shadows. Since the whole sentence is about a ‘secret’. Chose palatino for this, since I planned to emphasise the ‘yummy moon’ (which palatino suits, because of the rounded finials). *******EDIT. I later realised it was actually Garamond and not Palatino******. I planned to emphasise it post printing by using shadows made with flaps of paper. That’s one reason why I chose A3, bigger paper size, bigger flap, bigger shadow:

Started with choosing layout size. I though vertical would mean I can use more paper to make a longer, more dramatic shadow. But when I saw it, it just looked better on horizontal. Must be to do with the ‘moon’ context and the semicircular cut AND the way the lines are:

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00001 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00002

Next experimented with different cuts:

smiling, happy, ‘yummy’ moon? Reminds me of the logo for Amazon:typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00003

A flap underneath the word didn’t make sense anyway, it didn’t cast a shadow on anything:


Next I thought about whether I wanted to mount the paper on white, black, or cut out the ‘gap’ from the mounting board, so that the texture of whatever the composition was put on would show through. Black seemed to look best to me and my peers (used the printer to test the black mounting…):

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00005 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00006

Experimented with different sizes of the cut. I really wanted to make this work. Got a lot of feedback from friends. We decided that the distance the crease should be from the line was close to half the distance the last line was from the bottom edge of the page (bottom right) :


Finalising A4:


The reason I’d kept it A4 and the font as Caecilia was to make it look like it had been written on a typewriter. My initial plan was to make the bottom of the page have a slight unevenness, to show how it had been ‘ripped’ from the machine. Now since I have never seen a typewriter in real life, I didn’t know how accurate my imagination was, because I had a feeling the the edge of the paper wasn’t as uneven as I’d imagined. I decided to scrap this idea. Since I’d ended up doing nothing ‘different’ for my A4 type, I looked into something else. typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00023

^ No. Just no. As entertaining as this was (for around 2-3 minutes) I knew this wasn’t pretty. In the end, I kept my paper plain, with just the type.

Finalising A5:


I ended up choosing this one, but had to choose between the boldness of the word loves. Medium was too light and black was too bold. I settled on heavy (right):

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00012moved ravioli and the crazy..^

I thought of doing something ‘different’ with a5 as well but nothing really worked:


^cheating by doing what he already did…sort of. Underlining with a cut:


Tried putting a dark paper behind the word loves, it didn’t show up:


In the end I felt like I was doing double things again (bold and emphasising using the paper). That and all my ideas, which looked cool when I thought about it, looked lame when I actually did them.

Finalising (mounting):

Using a compass and proper measurements for the final one (used a mug to make circles, for the experiments).


Comparing different sized semi-circles. The left one suited the ‘moon’ more. I don’t know whether it suited the word moon, but it just looked better (probably because it was creased closer to the diameter):


Mounting was getting difficult. I mounted A4 and A5 using ‘UHU’ glue stick but the A3 kept getting crinkly:


I showed some seniors and they told me that the glue stick has water in it, so it’ll crinkle. I asked what I should use then. Spray glue.

Although, a few hours earlier than this, my friend had told me that apparently spray glue gets stuck in your lungs or something.

But hey, who cares about damaged lungs when the paper gets mounted perfectly?



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