Sentences: Round 2, layout experimentation on different page sizes and Class Discussion

I got together with a few of my peers and we worked together to give us some guidelines, so that we don’t blindly go into the assignment and make just 6 (possibly ugly) compositions.


Things to keep in mind:


I gave myself an initial guide to do 16 of each page size. So 16 of  A5, portrait, 16 landscape, and so on for  A4 and A3. This way I’d have many experimentations for each layout.

Decided my line breaks (to experiment with), where I wanted the pauses:


Was stuck, when I started to play with the placement of different lines. Decided to use grids to help me (View > Grids and Guides > show Document Grids)  shortcut >>> cmd + ‘ 


shortcut helped to quickly hide the grid to see the composition. Started off gently, not trying anything crazy. Then decided to get out all the crazy ideas first. Tried choosing colours based on the word. I had a feeling it would look ugly. But decided to get it out of my system anyway…


Was experimenting with type size of words in a sentence (call out-ing it?) in the right image^ (with the words crazy and loves)

Felt like making the word centered vertically between the rest of the sentence (the way I did with the word crazy), instead of leaving it on the baseline (the way I did with loves). I felt like that looked better. The rest of my choices are still outrageous, I know.

Didn’t stair the type go from right to left, it didn’t make sense, since latin is read from left to right, it would just make it confusing.typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00004

Figured that the black type in such a small scale would be hard on the eyes (especially emboldened).typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00005


cmd + ; <<< shortcut to hide guides (frame around the page) ^

Googled up ways to adjust my grid (it wasn’t symmetrical on the page). Adobe said to fiddle in preferences for grids. I fiddled, I tried different things like changing whether it started at the top of the page or the margin, nothing really worked or changed


So a friend helped me figure it out, we didn’t have to go through preferences. It was through layout > create guides:


Ensuring that the baselines and ascenders are touching the grid perfectly (otherwise the size of my textbox affected how my text sits on the guides).


Editing/messing with my own guides (adding rulers half way in between columns/rows), where the type would otherwise not fit in anyway.


Working on the one that I felt looked best. Keeping the coloured word in book style like the rest of the words didn’t look as good as changing it to light.

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00014 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00015

When it came to experimenting with typefaces, I decided to limit myself to just a few that I felt suited the sentence (and Fedra just to experiment):

Frutiger, Palatino, Caecilia Lt Std, Avenir Lt Std, Fedra Serif B (only all caps or small caps), ITC Garamond (because it fits ‘yummy moon’).

Focused on changing up the fonts in A3 and A4, kept the ‘book’ font of avenir for A5.

Annnd green looks gross. Gross green.


more gross stuff:


I could afford to make the grey of ‘secretly’ lighter on A3, since it’s bigger.

Again, tried a bunch of things on one page. I like it. But I REALLY think that I’m not supposed to. I need to keep in mind that I have a poor aesthetic sense a lot of the time. I’m pretty sure this isn’t aesthetic.

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00022 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences00023

Garamond’s finnials are too rounded to suit my sentence. They only suit the words yummy moon. But we were told not to mix two typefaces in one sentence, so I didn’t do it. Just kidding, I tried it anyway:


^ I also thought that I’d have to adjust the tracking at a bigger font size, but it seemed to adjust it itself, there were no huge spacings.

Slight changes in colour. I felt like italics worked better with the word secretly. Making it seem ‘lighter’ like a secret.



As a class we ended up doing too much of good things, so it ended up being too much. Things we messed up on: centered text, 1 big letter (dropcaps), emphasising just one word (scale attracts too much attention), having sentences too aligned with each other (can use point line plane to break the space up and create a dynamic composition), stacking letters vertically (makes reading difficult).

Things to remember:

don’t make half an attempt at contrast (it looks unintentional and irritating). intervals (points are advanced), ‘it’s just a sentence‘ (no need to fill the space and make a paragraph like composition with too many line breaks), (typically n is spacing between two words), monospaced type (when stacking letters, which we shouldn’t do), stick with one size (doesn’t even need more than one element), subtle or extreme contrast. Get type right, and spacing right, before experimenting with elements (bold, italic, size, colour) and don’t force more than one element.


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