Sentences: Typesetting sentences, discussing my type crime/mistake…

  • Given a list of ‘rules’ I had to go through (about font choice, size, tracking, leading etc) and pick a final typeset sentence.

  • First came choosing the font. It wasn’t easy. I had an internal monologue I went through as I compared each typeface:

  • Avenir is like a modern, high vernacular type. It’s san serif, but still looks like it belongs in a posh museum. It makes an interesting juxtaposition with the absurd sentence (especially since it starts off talking about a typewriter – so it starts off normal – but it ends with ravioli, making it unexpected).
  • Then again I could say the same about Frutiger and Palatino. Especially Frutiger, it’s serif looks official. I want to do Bodoni, but that’s just because I’m biased towards it and especially since I worked with it in the last project I feel like I should pick a different font. It wasn’t the most ideal choice for the unexpected high vernacular either. I’m sure that I don’t want to use any of the Fedra fonts or ITC Garamond (all looked too low vernacular). For me it’s a tie between caecilia and avenir
  • Caecilia because it’s a slab serif, resembling typewriter writing. 
  • Compared my Caecilia with my friends (she had it in italics),  I noticed the slight differences in the serifs and the curves of the e. Not sure how noticing these things will help me in the long term, but we’re noticing things.

  • Discussed with my friend: I like avenir because it looks posh (so interesting when you look at the meaning of the words) but I like Caecilia because it looks like typewriter writing. 

  • “okay, choose that one, just because it looks like typewriter writing. It doesn’t have to be deep”. 
  • “…I’m going with Avenir. I think I was leaning towards that one deep inside, I just wanted you to reaffirm my opinion. But you didn’t. So I’m disregarding your advice.”

  • Hid frame edges – helped me focus on just the text.

  • picked size 10/10 and character length of approximately 35 (34 to be exact).
  • I didn’t realise that the only reason the left was possible was because I disregarded a space that was after the s in is. When I tightened the space (tightening the box), the middle one happened. When I tightened the space even further closer to the ‘s’, the ‘ravioli’ go hyphenated (below below). The only solution I could come up with was to manually break the sentence (right).
  • typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences5 typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences6
  • 10/10 and character length of approximately 35 was most balanced (in terms of no hyphenation and equalish length of both the lines). Looked the best.
  • I was finding it difficult to choose between size 10 and 12 of that character length (starred).
  • IMG_6315Leaned towards the 10, but the 12 seemed a more ‘proper’ solution, because bigger would be clearer. Asked a friend, he leaned towards the smaller one too, justifying it by saying that it gave a bookish feel. I’m guessing that might be a reason why I was leaning towards it too. It gave a storytelling vibe. Plus, my Avenir choice was book.
  • liked centred…looked like a poem. But I’m not going for a poem feel.
  • Liked justified -50 and 0.
  • -50 looked nicer in my opinion, but the letters touched. Is that bad though???? When I thought that tracking wider looked nicer, my friend advised me against it, stating that her eyes were ‘stumbling in the gaps’
  • I wanted to pick a number between that range, but then deciding would probably be even more difficult. To make my decision easier I decided to scratch it and move on to picking the right aligned 0 tracking one. But apparently we were told to “never ever ever ever ever choose right aligned”. So yeah. Left aligned
  • medium vs heavy. heavy, since otherwise the small text was too faint.
  • I forgot how to change the colour of the the text and got lost in stylesheets:
  • typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences10
  • Figured it out buy fiddling around:
  • typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences11

  • Discussion:

  • Most of us set our sentences too short.
  • Spec type=how to look at type and make informed decisions about what you’re trying to do.
  • Look at not only what the words mean. Need to think about the natural breaks in the word/sentence.
  • My final choice, and my TYPE CRIME:
  • Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 12.42.00 AM
  • I broke my line at ‘a’. I was too concerned with the visual form that I completely forgot about considering the natural breaks.
  • ‘of’ and ‘the’ are empty words, no meaning visually, or when read. Don’t let the computer hyphenate.
  • Need to be aware of where the breaks are happening.
  • Specking type. Learn the rules, then break them = best design, for emphasis, to add to the meaning. “never choose a type named after a place”? – knock offs. 

typesetting.typography.indesign.absurdsentences8 lol. ravioooli.


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