8 – Final and Reflection


As we viewed everyones animations, there was an overall sense of achievement and pride. And then there were a few things that we discussed:

  • Sound – needs to be a balance. Not taking over and distracting from the video and not too little. Balanced – captures the viewer
  • Everyone needed to pay attention to the speed of motion – timing –  how fast it takes for something to move across the screen, details. Subtle details
  • I didn’t do this for the purpose of looping but many people made an animation PRECOMPOSE. looping EXPRESSIONS.
  • I felt that the bicycle one – had very interesting movement

Think about all animations watched, one you thought was most memorable, why? Watched, thought was well crafted, why?

  • the Blob one (running and crying with dramatic music), movements, loops, details in the trees seemed very well crafted


My inspirations came from my own process. I looked at the vector images I made for the last project, and decided to animate the movement that the images had captured.

Difference between Working with still images and motions?

Of course making the image do something extra was extra work and was more complicated. But it wasn’t an insane jump. There were the frustrating times when the software would glitch or not do what it’s supposed or do unexpected things for unexplainable reasons. Apart from those irritating moments, getting used to the software was simple.

The harder part was the analogue part of the process; making the sounds. I couldn’t just digitally get exactly what I wanted to hear. My recording had to be close to perfect so that all I had to do was little tweaks. I do too much and it starts sounding messed up. It was…an interesting experience.

Things learnt (Technical+Conceptual)

Conceptually I learnt to show a progression in the feelings of a blob. It sounds silly typed out but initially I wasn’t even going to give the blob eyes. It would’ve just been a mass of colour that drips. But with the eyes I was able to show how this mass felt as it got closer and closer to dripping.

Technically I learnt a lot about masks in Adobe After Effects, and how to use the program together with Illustrater and Adobe Audition. I also taught myself a lot about reducing noise in Audition


I would definitely want to work on my sound sound some more. To try and get a better sound at a better quality


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