3D – Introduction to 123D design

We got tips and basic help on how to use the 3D modeling software ‘123D design’

We need to keep in mind that it’s a free software, so it’s simple and quick, but complex shaped can’t be designed easily (without the use of CAD [computer aided design] softwares – probably something like Rhino3D). Also, glitches can (and will VERY likely) happen…so save.

Here are the ‘tips’ we learnt and tried out that lesson:

  • Primitives = readymade cubes and simple shapes.
  • Navigating is special because a 3D space is different from 2D. 3D has pan, and orbit as well as zooming. Right click and move to orbit. Scroll to zoom and cross shaped tool to pan. < this is where a mouse will come in handy
  • 3D printer only reads millimetres. Alter size before placing.
  • Any 3D shape has sub elements – faces and vertices
  • Class demo: import>svg as sketch>open
  • lost in space = click on home button good to remember, happened a lot
  • Fillet edge = curves the edge. < I plant to use this effect to smoothen out my blobs.
  • EXTRUDE – from illustrator sketches
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign2
  • Construct – revolve – axis = can revolve about the axis, 360 turns it into a cylinder
  • Move tool = move and rotate object
  • avoid drawing, sketching objects on software. Use illustrator files
  • Materials and colors can be added in software, but it won’t affect the printer.
  • Snap two faces together – using magnet looking tool = group
  • Ungroup – to ungroup
  • Combine, to merge two 3D shapes together
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign3



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