3D – experimenting with 3D ‘gumdrop’ blobs

  • Started making my blobs. Started with a gumdrop shape since it would be simple (complex shapes aren’t handled well). So a structured blob. The body was simple, a hemisphere that I filleted (lol fillet) to get a smooth, curved edge.
  • It was making the details that was annoying
  • For the eyes I wanted a thin ‘0’ kind of shape. I started with a cylinder and again used the fillet tool on the edge.
  • specific by adding 1.5
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign133Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign14
  • Difficulty, adjusting scale of the eye. Wanted to make it smaller (so I made a smaller version of the ellipse/0 shape I had placed inside the hole I’d made by simply scaling one end, but then the angle changes.
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign15 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign16
  • Tried it many times, scaling from different angles, but it was way too complex and I had a serious brain splitting headache. Resorted to adding a sphere (way simpler because it didn’t have a weird shape, so scaling it any way didn’t cause such complex problems). It looked good as well. But I really wanted the other way to work too, just to see and compare how the two would’ve looked. So I did the other way too:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign17 <filleted the edges of a rectangular cube 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign19 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign20< filleting wasn’t perfect, there is always an awkward area.
  • ^this is one type of blob

In another blob I put a sphere inside the socket (i created using by subtracting the elliptical 0 eye shape from the previous blob). In another one  I put a sphere in a circular eye socket (subtracted a sphere)

  • When I put a sphere inside the socket it wouldn’t match/merge
  • realized it was because of how the sphere didn’t touch any of the edges of the main body. scaling the sphere messed up the overall shape again… ugh. So i’m gonna cheat, and put another shape underneath the sphere (in the eye socket) to join the eye to the main body, because I’m ingenious:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign21
  • Still not touching:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign23
  • Ok…so I actually just moved the sphere further into the eye socket. Simpler solutions.
  • Having to look at it from literally ALL angles (some that I didn’t even know existed) the box tool was very helpful for navigation (and the home button). 
  • Figured a way to make a circle directly onto the surface, then extrude, so didn’t have to fix a cylinder on to the circle at the perfectly straight angle.
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign24
  • One thing that kept messing up was that I had the extrude setting at subtract, so it subtracted the mouth weirdly. I made it extrude into a shape and this made it CLEARER how the subtraction was happening:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign25
  • Then:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign26 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign27 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign28 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign29
  • the extruded ellipse was not perfectly at the surface, it was at an odd angle. No matter how I rotated it, it was difficult getting it at a the right angle (this is again where viewing from multiple angles was helpful)

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