3D – cleaning Illustrator files and 123D sculpt

  • Had to cleaning up illustrator files for extrusion (and vinyl cutting).
  • you can only extrude closed shapes. Can’t have shapes overlapping.
  • Even though I thought I cleaned up my characters:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign5
  • I still needed to get rid of white shapes that I had. (For the vinyl cutter to process them properly
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign4 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign6 (I later made the ice cream cone’s white outline also ’empty’)
  • Now I remember why I didn’t punch them out of the main body. I wanted to be able to alter the colors of for example the whites of the eyes.
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign73Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign8 < all of these overlapping lines needed to be ‘merged’ (using pathfinder) into one shape. Didn’t do that earlier so that I could change the colours of the arms individually.
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign9 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign10
  • ^ Accidentally merged the teeth out. Didn’t even notice until later since it looked like a normal smile.
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign11
  • We were also told about the possibility of turning the characters into ‘colouring book’ characters. So:
  • 3Dmodellingprintingblobcharacterdesign12
  • vinyl cutting versions as well as the colouring book versions of my favourite characters^^^

Using 123D sculpt (for intricate shapes)


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