7 – Sound (Ugh)

So, I started off by making clicky sounds from my mouth (recording it early in the morning in my dorm room – it’s a dead silent atmosphere then) and recorded it on the laptop.

Came across problems when I wanted to change the pitch of some of the clicks:finalisingsound1

^ I seemingly did all the right things (using pitchshifter in Premiere), but it didn’t make any difference.


^ Went and watched a tutorial that said that you need to turn that formantPreserve OFF. Made no difference. It could possibly be because the click was such a short sound that the change wasn’t even comprehensible. But I decided to extract and open up the files in Adobe Audition. This worked. It wasn’t because the sound file was too small. Premiere was just being a pain.

So, since I didn’t record (and couldn’t find) nice blobby sounds, I had to find my own. The problem was, things with thick consistencies don’t make a sound when they drip, and neither to things with thin consistencies. I know, I experimented. When they did make a sound, it was so VERY quiet. So I decided to figure out where the microphone on the laptop was:


Google gave the suggestion to use this thing to test it out manually. It’s somewhere on the left speakers, nearer to the screen, near the top.

After recording came the pain of trying to reduce noise. You see, I didn’t have time to wait to record in the morning, and the dorm room wasn’t very quiet at night. Eventually I also had to go home (because NOTHING that I had available in the dorms made a satisfactory blob sound, I’ll be listing some of the things I tried in both the dorms and my own home). The problem with home was that my home is on the main road so the recordings had EVEN MORE noise. So much ugh. Anyway, I had experience with using the noise reduction and other such options from foundation year, so it didn’t take as long as it could have (it still took time though…):


^ There were times when I couldn’t capture the noise print because the noise would only be in a too small part of the recording.


^ Not sure what spectral decay, smoothing and precision factor do, but fiddled with them until I had a satisfying result. As satisfying as an unsatisfying thing can get. Sound was so annoying.


^ Learnt that I should amplify first, before reducing noise, because otherwise it amplifies the noise again.

You can see the difference in noise (although, last year we were told to not focus on visuals, and focus on listening/hearing):

finalisingsound8 finalisingsound9

Found this in the presets of pitchshifter in Audition:


By the end of it all the uneven amounts of noises, and then silence and no noise and just all of that was driving me crazy. I even considered adding a long, quiet, underlying noise that went all the way through my video. Had to generate it because I couldn’t record a quiet room, because finding a quiet room is the closest anyone can get to the impossible:


^ In the end it didn’t really help. Settled with a long recording I had taken in the dorm room (which including continuous, soft, squishy sounds).

I got quite some experience with recording my own sounds. What I learnt: it’s fun. It’s also DIFFICULT!!! (difficult to get THE sound. I mean I ended up recording lots of cool sounds. They just weren’t THE ONE).

What I tried in my dorm room (apart from the mouth clicks from the initial day):

15 - 6 15 - 7 15 - 8

^ Different consistencies of flour mixed with water. Squishing it in different ways (using my hands worked well and was a mess…I recorded super quiet sounds, close to the microphone, but also did not drop gloop into the speakers – skills). Piped the gloop through a sandwich bag, made literally no sound. Squished the gloop in the sandwich back. Tried a bunch of other stuff.

I also made a decision to not include a scream sound or yelp sound when the blob panics and faints. I tried it and it sounded unnatural, silly and out of character.

Sloshed water around in a bottle, drank the water. Recorded myself gulping the water. This way of listing sounds super weird, so I’ll just:



sound2 sound3 sound4

Ended up using sloshy, half-cooked-noodles-in-a-bowl recording that I had recorded in my bathroom as the major part of the blob sound. I’m a professional.

But really. It was such a sad night. It 1am and I was eating strawberries and bananas in the bathroom like a loser. And they recorded as crunchy sounds. CRUNCHY for heavens sake!


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