6 – Finalising Video

Tried figuring out a way to change the colour of my blob easily (without having to go back and edit each solid {which I also had to google how to do, because of course it wasn’t simple}). People felt like the red was like blood, or it was too bright against the green. I felt the weirdness of the colours too.


^ change colour didn’t work.

change to colour did work, but it only changed the colour of the blob. When I tried using it on the green it didn’t work (probably because that was controlled in composition settings):

finalisinganimation4  finalisinganimation6

^ I decided to utilise this newfound trick to emphasise the part where he/she/it panics as it’s getting closer to splodging on the ground. What happened (inevitably went wrong) when I was changing the colours was that the iris got changed in colour too. I realised that my eye layer was in fact not even a composition:


^ I don’t know when or how I did this but I ended up using a .mov file instead of a composition with the eye. So i had to reimport the proper eyes composition (and copy all the position key frames) to be able to edit the colours in the eyes separately.


Another thing that wasn’t working was that by default the saturation was at 0, so it looked like the effect wasn’t working:

finalisinganimation10 finalisinganimation11

Changing the saturation made it work:


^ The white part is a slightly paler version of this.

Yay! finalisinganimation13

Next I had to decide how I wanted the colour changes to happen. I could have the top part immediately turn red, as soon as the ‘panicked white shape’ splits from it:

finalisinganimation14 finalisinganimation15 finalisinganimation16

So it would revert back to the first frame and it would be like it divided into two separate beings^

Or I could have all the parts remain white til the end:

finalisinganimation17 finalisinganimation18

^ This way a loop wouldn’t be possible, the animation doesn’t turn full circle (it does in terms of form). It could be interesting how that shape (right) started off red in the beginning and it ends of white (panicked) at the end. An analogy for us, happy students at the beginning of the semester, to end in pale, traumatized things by the end of it. Jk…

Side note: this white is again, not an actual pure white, it’s slightly tinted red. I don’t know whether it really makes a difference or it’s just my brain tricking me into thinking so (this is more likely), but I feel like it’s less harsh than pure white.

Another thought I had was that I could have it split white, then the top part could slowly (calms down) reverts back to the red. This is probably a more realistic analogy of what happens to us students over the course of a project.

finalisinganimation19 finalisinganimation20 finalisinganimation21 finalisinganimation22

I still hadn’t fixed the problem of the ‘super bright’ animation. Since changing the colour of the blob (red) would have taken more time (was more complicated) because of the many different layers of compositions that I was working with, I decided to alter the colour of the background in composition settings:

finalisinganimation23 finalisinganimation24

^ I thought a darker green would be gentler on the eyes, it wasn’t. In fact, it looked even worse than the limeish green.

Colours that were of less contrast were gentler, but they weren’t the most aesthetic:

finalisinganimation25 finalisinganimation26 finalisinganimation27 finalisinganimation28 finalisinganimation29

Some colours looked nice on the red and white, but didn’t look nice when the blob turned pink:


^ It was nice, but it was very slightly off. So I went back to my friend, Paletton.

finalisinganimation31 finalisinganimation32

^ nice. Not only did it work with the pink as well, but now I remember why I’d chosen the lime green in the first place…

Next I had to add the title page, to really finalise the video part (before I moved on to squishing noodles).


I was thinking of “dread” or “fear”/”terror” as a title. Instead, the “panic attack” just seemed to fit the poor blob the best. Ended the sequence the eye with it looking up and ‘fainting’, because that’s what you do when you know you will inevitably melt/mush onto the ground. Also, this helped me loop it eventually (by making the bottom part just disappear of the frame).


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