4 – Starting over, tutorials and splitting

So, I got a bit sick of not finding a simple way to do what I was doing, especially since I had to start over. Start over, because the way I had been moving my points (using the warp tools) moved the points in an unpredictable way, which made the animation bumpy:simpleblobanimationsscreenshots4

After fixing:


This ‘bumpiness’ was a constant problem, by the way, it was what took majority of my time.

Another reason I had to start over was because right when I was very close to being done with this part of my animation, it decided to start shifting positions. We (me and my professor) couldn’t figure out why on earth it did that. We really couldn’t.

My professor suggested I go down a completely different route. I didn’t need to stick to this animation just because I’d worked so much on it. I could still go back and work on using effects or the knowledge gained from this animation to create simpler animations of blobs. The thought that attracted me was how I could have different scenes of different blobs, each having a slight movement. This would solve the problem of trying to do one long complex movement all the way down the screen.

Sound advice. Did I listen to it? Hah…

Since I got tired I made a different kind of animation:


Including it in my process, because I love it I’m sure it must have helped my animation by subconsciously affecting my thought processes on moving pictures. No really, I’m serious.

So after a bit of a (needed?) mental break from my actual animation I started to work on the part where I wanted my blob to split.


Tiny tiny adjustments in the curves helped the thing blob to be smooth.

blobanimationseparateparts2 blobanimationseparateparts3 blobanimationseparateparts4

^ I figured that I had to split my original blob and adjust it that way. Splitting, again, caused the points to get messed up. I had to make multiple copies of the composition so that I could have the top and bottom parts on separate compositions.

I also wanted my overall animation to loop (drip, split, bottom part disappears, top part reverts to beginning frame, loops). Had to do that by layering the first frame behind the last frame of my ‘top’ part and making the adjustments needed to make the shapes match:


^The reason this was complicated was because I had split the shape from the overall original blob, so the number of anchor points in the first frame was different from the number of points in the top part. It wasn’t simply a matter of copy-pasting the original anchor points (it wouldn’t work). Was able to eyeball it anyway. The sad thing I realised, however, was that looping wouldn’t show very well when I put a title page at the beginning of the animation…

Began working on the bottom part:


Initially I made it just droop down, then decided to experimented with having it bounce ever so slightly at the moment it touches, then droop (melt/flatten). Showed it to a bunch of my friends, most of them agreed that the bounce didn’t match the initial consistency of my blob (wet dough/thick slime wouldn’t exactly bounce if it was dropped onto a table). So went back to letting it just drop and flatten.

I didn’t want to just make the bottom part disappear using an opacity change, or just pull it down by moving the position of the composition out of the frame:

blobanimationseparateparts14 blobanimationseparateparts15

^ Made it flatten by adjusting the bottom part point by point (I must really hate myself). Had to flatten it in a way that it didn’t look awkward like this part (parts in the middle disappearing before the edges):


Used trial and error to figure out a weird way of it slipping down:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 1.42.35 PM

Used an opacity change to 0% at the end to make it completely disappear (it probably wasn’t necessary since I had it slipping all the way out of the frame)


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