2 – Experimenting with animations

We had to experiment around with all the tips we learnt last time. I decided to try fiddling with the blobs I’d already made. Had serious issues initially (only one of my blobs would show up as a layer on after effects– the stretchy one). I checked through all the steps I took when importing and it all looked like exactly what we did in class. I even checked whether all my blobs were on separate layers or not and they were (sort of), but it still didn’t work.

The problem was just that. They weren’t on different layers. They were on different artboards.

To import layers into After Effects, there should only be one artboard and multiple layers (if necessary). After Effects gets confused otherwise. And I also discovered foresight and planning ahead was necessary – adding new layers after importing doesn’t work. I mean they said it wouldn’t work, but I wanted an easy/lazy/efficient way out of not planning ahead so I tried anyway. It really doesn’t work.

I started with using the puppet tool on this one:




It was really awkward (the animation). If I tried pushing shapes too close to each other this happened:Animation7blackblobexperimentation

If I started stretching too much something in the blob’s mouth got messed up:Animation8blackblobexperimentation

I successfully made a meh stretching blob using this method. I practiced looping on this one^

I also wanted to efficiently slow down/speed up my animation by moving key frames without having to move them one by one. Moving them one by one didn’t even guarantee that the animation would slow down proportionately.  So I googled, and Google helped me find a way:

Animation9blackblobexperimentation Animation10blackblobexperimentation

Selecting all the keyframes > holding down alt and clicking on the keyframes on either end of the selection > then dragging to proportionately adjust the distance between each key frame ^

I also wanted to figure out a more “organic” way of blinking. They showed us a way of scaling the eyes to make them flat and “blink“, I really didn’t like the way that looked. So I decided to use black ellipses as “eyelids”.

I also wanted to go for a messed up blinking style (I watched a cartoon as a kid in which this chicken blinked weird like that and I used to try and imitating it )


^ From Dalmatian Vacation – at one point she was really sad and blinked one eye before the other (they weren’t in sync):

simpleblobanimations1 simpleblobanimations2 simpleblobanimations3 simpleblobanimations4 simpleblobanimations5 simpleblobanimations6 simpleblobanimations7

Basically like that ^

simpleblobanimations8 simpleblobanimations10 simpleblobanimations11

^Experimented with changing the colour of layers in Illustrator. After Effects updated the changes made in Illustrator. Another issue I suffered with this one: (if you don’t click the happy sunshine button early on and start adding puppet points, and then later remember to click it, the whole animation gets messed up)

simpleblobanimations12 simpleblobanimations13 simpleblobanimations14

^ Added an effect to this one. Didn’t like the way my blobs weren’t enhanced enough with these methods of working…



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