1 – Blob: Beginning of Phase 2 – animation

So we started the next phase of the character design project: ANIMATION!! 😀

We started off by learning the basics of animation (frames per second) and the basics of using After Effects – getting tips on how to make simple animations (using compositions and effects).

Notes for using  After Effects:


^ Photoshop (square pixels) vs A.E rectangular (pixels?)


^ Learning how to work by combining Illustrator and After Effects. We started by making a class animation (of a beach ball). A bonus tip was how to use 3D revolve to make a perfect (beach) ball quickly (using patterns and symbols).


^ IMPORTANT notes on how to correctly import layers from illustrator. 


^ Animating using effects and keyframes and puppet pins. A lot of the things they demonstrated in class about key frames was a recap of what I had to learn for Space Studio last semester. I’d touched upon puppet pins but never really knew how to use it correctly until now:


Even now, the anchor points and how they work with the puppet tool is unclear. I also need to figure out how to edit puppet tool pins (currently it doesn’t even look like it’s possible, I’ve tried a lot of things).

Edit: nope. Not easily possible. So, it is possible…but not easily.



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