Word: Last minute work and mega-problems (all the problems possible)

Issues! Start of rant/documentation of problems

  • So I was working last minute, and everything was going Wrong:
  • I couldn’t figure out how to pattern properly – I couldn’t find ANY tutorial (I looked for a long time) that had what I was looking for.
  • Since I couldn’t get the pattern to work I turned my focus on adding the context in.
  • I placed my sofa photograph on to the composition with my word and the angle of the sofa was wrong. I knew I had to reshoot.
  • The camera was not shooting. I got it to shoot. The memory card got corrupt. I found an SD card at home – it was a 256 MB one.
  • When making the shadows my file kept corrupting. My background layer’s colour kept disappearing and turning transparent, even though it was CLEARLY on full opacity and normal blending mode. Instead of a fill I tried using the brush tool. It also kept turning transparent.
  • nightbefore31nightbefore33
  • I started closing everything down – photoshop was not responding. I decided to force quit and restart. The finder was ‘still in use’, the computer was refusing to restart or shut down.
  • This was all happening last minute. At this point I’m seriously questioning the intellect and abilities of my past self.

Somehow I figured out that I had to relaunch finder to knock it back in shape and get my laptop to restart. And I also figured out that for some reason my file kept corrupting was BECAUSE of the motion blur tool. I settled for gaussian blur instead.

end of rant/documentation of problems.

To start off on the final composition I started with adjusting the angle of the letters that were from the wrong angle (p, h were the most obvious)

Adjusting the lighting and colours:

nightbefore1 nightbefore2

^The thing that I found interesting was how some letters needed around 60 vibrance to look nice while others (h) just need 8:

nightbefore3 nightbefore4

This goes to show how the numbers can’t be trusted!!


^ Had to Google how to contract the selection (my professor showed me, but I forgot)

nightbefore10 nightbefore11

^ Used another tutorial I watched about selecting on photoshop (using channels to find the layer that has the most contrast between the object and the background, so that quick selection/magicwand is more effective)

nightbefore12 nightbefore13

^ Another last minute google on how to select all my letters in one selection (so that I could make the shadow)

nightbefore14 nightbefore15

^ Content aware tool saving the day (pins I’d used to keep stubborn fabric in place)

nightbefore16 nightbefore17

^ A lot of the black materials in all of my letters had the problem of  having a weird yellow outline at some parts and a weird blue outline on other parts. Solved it by contracting my selections by a couple of pixels and masking out the parts that had the weirdness happening. Still not sure why that happened. I’m guessing it’s because of the way I had adjusted the contrasts and brightnesses of my images.


^ I thought of making the bowl part slightly below the ‘imaginary’ baseline. In the end I decided to go for an uneven, more casual placement of the letters.


^Had to adjust the temperature on the i (both ended up having a different black hue for some reason – both were shot in the same lighting). This is probably to do with the photo editing I did as well.

I tried different colours for the background (at this point I still didn’t have the pattern working):

nightbefore21 nightbefore22 nightbefore24 nightbefore25 nightbefore27 nightbefore28 nightbefore29

None of them seemed to really work

Discovered changes in hue of objects as well (adjusted it later):






^Made these shadows fainter, because they are tinier objects. I masked out the upper areas of the blur around the objects, so that it looked like a shadow and not a grey glow.

nightbefore37 nightbefore38

^ I made the shadows around the books ‘tighter’ and sharper, because of the way shadows work when the object is very close to it’s own shadow.


Drastic decision to use the pattern I had from the last critique, since I couldn’t figure out how to make a new one. Then more experimentation with colour:

nightbefore39 nightbefore40 nightbefore41 nightbefore42 nightbefore43 nightbefore44 nightbefore45 nightbefore46

Some just looked really ew…

nightbefore47 nightbefore48 nightbefore49 nightbefore50 nightbefore51 nightbefore52 nightbefore53

I felt like these ones were getting somewhere:

nightbefore54 nightbefore55 nightbefore56 nightbefore57 nightbefore58 nightbefore60

I felt like this was THE one:

nightbefore61 But maybe that’s because I know that the carpet is originally that colour.

After second opinions I chose this one:

WordEuphoricFinal copy

I decided to print in matte (because I felt the texture of materials wouldn’t look nice as glossy, and since I tested the black out on matte).

I chose just matte instead of High matte since apparently High matte makes the image darker.


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