Word: Composition of letters, iterations and last critique before final? – extension!

I photoshopped and composed my letters together on an A2 sized layer.

I had the idea of a day during someone’s travels. Someone wakes up in the morning e, then takes a shower, u, p and h are about getting dressed and ready (hairspray/straightener, beauty products), o is also casual clothing, r i and c are the kind of clothing I wear outside. Bright clothes (for a dinner at night?) can be glimpsed under the abaya and c contains the socks and footwear (and last minute packing stuff – spare glasses etc).

I liked how the i ended up with the shela on the dot (looking like a head) and the abaya in the stem, almost like a symbol of an abaya clad girl.

I had a significant amount of troubles with trying to get the background right. I knew I wanted to use the carpet, and I knew that tiling was the way to go. It was either that or taking a photograph from a super high angle (which would be impossible for me even if I was able to somehow extend the tripod higher, the ceiling only goes up so high). 

Tiling, is where the problem lay. I couldn’t get it to tile seamlessly. Luckily one of my professor’s came and saved me at the last minute, showing me how to edit the way the pattern tiles, to get it to look more natural:

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 5.25.21 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 5.25.32 PM

I decided to compose my letters like this because otherwise they were too small for anything to be clear. This way, it also looked more like someone had arranged their packing in an organized way, all over the carpet and looked less forced into a ‘word’.Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 5.25.44 PM

During the critique I was made to realise that my concept is not very clear, because I don’t have any context. Some peoples’ compositions worked better without a context, for example Sheikha’s honey composition. It was more effective when it wasn’t clear that the glistening drops was actually honey. However, most compositions needed context.

I thought that I could use passports, travel documents and got suggestions to show a part of a suitcase or a bed post.

After the critique one of my professors showed me how to distort and adjust the shape and lighting of my raw photographs in Lightroom.This helped me get the letters to look like they were all taken from the same angle.

I also got the idea to use one of my sofas instead of a bed post. One of my professors felt like it looked too local and wouldn’t relate to people universally, I justified my idea by pointing out that the abaya already gave my project a local twist.


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