Word: Attempt at satisfaction by trying another idea (socks)

  • After the painful attempt at the steps, I decided to try a different idea I had. I could experiment with socks to portray a euphoric slob?
  • I printed large scale letters for the clothes to be able to fit into.

TypeWsocks2 TypeWsocks3

I tried different ways of folding the socks, trying to fit the type perfectly.

TypeWsocks5 TypeWsocks6TypeWsocks7TypeWsocks4

^ A3 was too small a scale

TypeWsocks8  TypeWsocks10

^ tried figuring ways to get the serif and angles perfectly straight using different socks, and folding them in different ways


^ This was a better scale


At the end I had the idea of using abayas and shelas on the outside of the letter. They’re formal clothes so when I get home and I’m not wearing my abaya it is informal,comfortable – euphoric.

The feedback I got for the steps, socks and abaya idea:


Basically they seemed too personal and stretched, I could try something more universal like travel. Or I could show the story of getting home and taking off my abaya as euphoric through a story (one letter at a time).


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