The Golden Key: The Type Story

I started by using thin type (because the I felt like it would match the twigs):typeusingexistingtypefaces4 typeusingexistingtypefaces5 typeusingexistingtypefaces6

^It just ended up getting lost

typeusingexistingtypefaces8 typeusingexistingtypefaces9

^Instead I chose a serifed font (also because I felt it looked twig-like) and then tried warping it to ‘blend’. It looked very Microsoft WordArt like and I didn’t like it. Kept it the way it was and worked with ‘hiding’ it amongst the twigs:  typeusingexistingtypefaces12 typeusingexistingtypefaces14

^I had to really think about the way I hid it, because otherwise the letters could be completely lost (in the left image the h is almost lost – most of the serifs are)

typeusingexistingtypefaces15 typeusingexistingtypefaces16

^ Experimented with the positioning of them

Including the word key was the most difficult:

typeusingexistingtypefaces19 typeusingexistingtypefaces20 typeusingexistingtypefaces21

I decided to try masking the type out of the twigs:


typeusingexistingtypefaces25 typeusingexistingtypefaces26 typeusingexistingtypefaces27

Tried hiding it some more with cream lines over it:

typeusingexistingtypefaces28 typeusingexistingtypefaces29 typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey2

Next I thought of, instead of masking it out of twigs, I could try making it out of twigs:typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey4 typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey5 typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey9 typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey10

^I showed my friends and they found this second approach WAY more interesting. I didn’t see it but I thought that there must be something about it if they all were so into it. The only problem was that once I had scaled the twigs down, they’d become pixelated. So I couldn’t just use the e in key for the e in ‘the’. typeusingexistingtypefacesexpwithkey14

Went along with it anyway. It took me a while, but I was FINALLY able to appreciate what they saw very early on. Once I had completed it AND printed a test out AND put it up and happened to distractedly look up at it from a distance. I loved the way the text grew out of the twigs. I thought that I must have a really bad eye for aesthetic things, since I couldn’t see it earlier. That’s not a very good quality for a potential designer to have…


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